Age differences


since we have an age thread what about an age difference thread?

what is the age difference between you and your significant other

who likes those milfs and who are pedofiles (jk!) :smiley:

just saw this on aother forum and thought id try it here

theres 4 yrs age difference between my bf and I (hes the older one)



7 months


1.5 years for us.


0 I’m single, but the last girl I was with (a week ago tomorrow) was like 6 months younger, I think. :dunno


My wife is 1[size=7].[/size]5 years younger.


damn young and tight huh booze? thats how ya like em huh? :lol but right on! believe it or not me and my girl are 13 days apart .(shes older) damnit.


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Damn Booze, you be big pimpin"! :cool


single right now but taking aplications


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i am in the same boat bacon… i still have to post the new position in the paper or something to get the word out there. :smiley:


2 yrs




He’s just about exactly 1 year older. He is Aug 11, I’m Aug 19.


What do you guys think about dating a girl 8 years your junior? This girl digs me but she’s 18… I’m 26? I usually stick to girls closer to my age… I’m divorced with a 4 year old daughter who is with me full time. I’m real reluctant to go out with this chick? Any thoughts?


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she may be alittle immature for you… but I say try it out. :slight_smile:


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:wtf That would make her 28. I thought you had kids in their 20s.

Please elaborate.

My girlfriend is 28 and I’m 36.


HAHAHA!!! I was wondering why everyone keeps saying I’m big pimp’n and then what Mikey said and I’m like :wtf …then I went back and saw I put 15 years young. :lol Typo peeps, I meant to type 1.5 years younger. I’ll fix it. One little dot makes the difference between normal and pimp. :laughing


i am 2 years older than my wife


6 months between me and my girl :smiley:


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i dont think she is mature enough to handle a relationship with someone with a child , you have to remember girls that age are fresh out of highschool and used to being the center of attention, it might be difficult for her to understand your daughter will always come first …

she might be different but seeing 18 yr olds now days i doubt many of them could handle a serious relationship alone without children involved lol


Me personally im single … But age isnt anything but a NUMBER and if you get along with the person and like them ( as long as there legal ) it shouldnt matter how old are young they are … MY X was 10 years younger and I was with him 5 years …