Ahhh Im going to be a Traitor!


[size=7]OLD OLD OLD OLD OLD OLD[/size]


Its a sweet car, but its still no mustang…


i figure its cheaper and faster, im running out of money to mod the mach. 32v’s arent cheap…


Dude…keep to Mach! You know you will still yearn for the Mustang. :gears


Yeah, quit being such a faggot. Keep the Mach.


trade it…if not where is it I’m lookingto buy one!


damn… dont get rid of the mach… how are you gonna get all the mustang chicks if you dont have a mach? lol


right near my aunts house in florida, this guy is a horrible business man, i only heard back from him once.


Going agiasnt it, would be cool to have a collectors edition, but i would beat the shit out of it, and mod it to hell. :fu but then it devalues the car only reason why its worth so much b/c its a firehawk. Myself is better off with a ws6 or SS. :dunno


What is wrong with you?? Who cares if you have a collecters edition. If i had one i would still mod it and beat the living crap out of it!! Im only 21, and i can have plenty more.


Check my other thread here, some one esle wants the car and is offering alot more money. So it looks like my mach1 is just going to have be an ls1 killer now…


Spin you better not ill put a boot in your butt :o :o


Hehe of course not tazzy. Spin is putting real bad ass cams in this stang…


Good i wasnt wonting to have to kick your ASS :owned


you would like to touch my ass anyway you could…


I wanna your mach :cool


Don’t give it to him Matt!

BTW, WTF are you thinking…you and I have 2 of 814 Oxford White Machs??? You see what I’m doing to mine…think a LS1 or a WS6 will touch me?


thread is old dood.


I was being suckered in by ls1 friends. The mach is staying. Not sure im going to use that or not though. But Thats a pretty Eaton,

If you look here

im looking into a set of cams, but not getting the feedback that i want.

I just got msn and yahoo. So anyone is welcome to im me at anytime. :banana


Does the 03 Cobra blower fit on the Mach? If you were to change the intake manifold? Maybe the heads?

Seems like it would be a cheap go fast mobile. But I dunno, I’m 32V dumb.



Just buy mine! Already modded somewhat… ready for a nice TT or SC… needs the rest of the exhaust ( LTs and Y pipe)… this car will be a beast if you have the money to put into it… So you were going to give 20K? Give me 14,000 and you can take the other 6K and make this thing a nice stang banger…