Alfie is not dad


A DNA test shows that a 13-year-old British boy is not the father of a baby born to a 15-year-old girl he had unprotected sex with once, a media report says.
Chantelle Stedman told Alfie Patten, who was 12 when he slept with her, he was her newborn daughter Maisie’s father, Britain’s The Mirror newspaper reported on Friday.
The original story caused a worldwide media frenzy, while politicians criticised what they called Britain’s declining morals.
At first, Stedman said Patten was the only boy she had ever slept with, but soon after other teenagers came forward saying they too could be the baby’s father, because they claimed to have had sex with the girl.
Last month, a friend of the Stedman family claimed Patten was scammed by the girl’s parents who wanted to cash in on the sensational story.
It is still not clear who the baby’s father is.


Already reported here


I hope the truth comes out soon.


poor kid! He really stepped up to the plate though. I was impressed.


Too bad the kid learned his girlfriend was a slut of the worst kind, huh?


wow… i dunno if im relieved that a 13 year old isnt the father of a child


Worried that the teenage girl is a slut…

so confusing and yet… not in Australia!! :stuck_out_tongue: