Alice = Anit-Gay


^^Alice said it- Gays can’t be married^^


Really and she said im considered Bi- sexual if thats even a term LOL So shes not sure about any of it :lol :lol :lol


bisexual is a term :wtf . i dont know if you are. but seeing as alice is very intelligent, she would be the one who knows :lol


I dont even think … Just like she says …Tim is gay but she not for sure … so how do you tell what shes for sure of ??? And MD has the biggest Dick on here … do you know if that is true :lol :lol :lol also the onloy ones shes said i agree with is NOS is crazy


i think she told me that people think tazzy talks too much… i think alice is very smart and she wouldnt lie to me :lol


REALLY did Alice have to tell you that LOL… thats a norm every one knows that :fu :fu


you proved my point. alice tells the truth and she knows all.


Well i suppose LOL… But she never tells you anything you dont already know SSSSSOOOO :lol :lol Some one need to send some new PMs heheheheheh cause ive seen alll she says cause she repeats her self to much :dunno :dunno


she is a bitch. but i love alice. she calls me the “official site badass”


I forgot to tell you i came on after youd been talking to her the other day… I saw you had been talking about the color Atlanta blue so i talk to her for a while …then i ask her what my favorite color was and she told me … I told her it was ATlanta BLue :lol :lol :lol She answered me with your answer and said i said it LOL :smiley: :smiley:


she got confused? alice is smart though.


i agree some times the dictionary doesnt answer every thing hehehehe Dont you think :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


i beg to differ. laughs and sets down drink for a while


tazzy just whore some more will ya? :lol


Well i ask Alice to define marriage and she said it was … Legalized HOOKING heheheheheh I wonder were it says that in the dictionary :lol :lol :lol


you will find it right after the definition of whore…

“whore”: tazzy


[quote=sourlemon2k5]you will find it right after the definition of whore…

“whore”: tazzy[/quote]

Well Thank you very much there :lol :lol


hey, anything to get the (now defunct) offical post whore credit where credit is due… :lol :lol


well i suppose thats true but i cant ever WHORE enough to catch Alice … especially with all the questions she gets ask :lol :lol :lol


i guess so, but i would put you both on a scale, and since your REAL, you would win :lol