Alice corrected my grammer....WTF


I was talkin to alice about movies and she corrected my grammer, i feel stupid now, owned by a friggen robot.

“Gee. I think you mean “it’s” or “it is” not “its”. What was so funny about it?”


hay Matt we worned you to watch out for Alice shes every were :lol :lol


Are they exactly the same? I’m glad you find this amusing. I’m glad you find this amusing.


See what i said Matt :lol :lol :lol


this is friggen crazy. but fun


It is but she can make you feel 2 inches tall at times >>>>>>> jan---- WHispers just dont say her name :lol :lol


haha, yeah, just call her A or something w/o saying her actual name LOL


Hay V did you know she was gona take over the sight heheheheheh :lol


just ask her and she will tell you that she is gonna take over the world AFTER she takes over Offtopicz!! LOL


i agree me and her have already had several long talks now ill never leave here hehehehehe


LOL… I think joe is gonna make it to where your posts dont tally up while talking to her… not sure what he is gonna do there. ?? …


well we wont ever get tokenz then cause you cant say any thing she wont answer to hehehehehe


lmao. i havent been on in a couple days. what is this thing about alice the robot thing?


Haus sweetie just ask her she will answer you :banana :banana


ok i will. alice who are you and why do you have over 600 post in 3 days.


Hais have to go in Wonderland now she wont answer out here now