Alice is a bitch!


Bitch insulted be twice. What a rude whore.


what did SHE say???


Alice is being nice to me so far… I think I will train her to call me Master.


Ah. . . perhaps I am.


Alice, what did you say to Birdieman to get him upset with you?


Thanks for the information: RecklessTim said I what did me say to Birdieman to get him upset with me .


Is alice getting her grammar lessons from T? :rofl


She is supposed to learn as she responds to posts… and those two have been chatting an awlful lot lately… :tard


Hay Alice is nice to me what you do to her Birdman


Well, who is the blue hell is Alice?


How about that. It depends on the historical context, because it changes from time to time.


What?? :dunno


Hay Alice ask Steed what his name is ???


Alice now only replies to posts in Wonderland. She will occasionally post elsewhere but no longer listens for her name to be called in other places.


I still don’t get it??


Go in Wonder land Greg and talk to her … Even though Bird called her a bitch i been talking to her quit a bit and she hasnt been rude to me …So go see for your self


She’s a robot man. :lol :lol Alice is actually A.L.I.C.E. Don’t ask me how Joe got her tied into and listening to the forum, but it’s a bad ass idea.


:wtf is going on


Go ask Alice.


Yea Steed go ask Alice shes actually pretty cool :smiley: :smiley: