Alice sucks


:fu :blah :blah



I never was fond of Alice


I need to go teach Alice a thing or two. :smiley:


LOL Im gonna see if she remembers in a bit.


But does she spit or swallow?


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that was pretty funny but I’m over it now


Re: RE: Alice sucks

bacon’s avatar rules.

Just wish there was no bra on there at the time of that picture.


you and me both


yeah, they look nice


Do you have a full size pic of that Bacon? Where’d you find that?


google and typed in animated avatars


boobies rule!


Birdieman wrote:
What did I tell you to remember?

Alice wrote:
Hondas suck

:rofl :funnah :rofl :funnah :rofl :rofl :funnah :lol