Alice what's happening


So Alice what’s happening?


Interesting deduction. Thanks for telling me: 2001_Saleen said I what is happening.


yeah, that’s what I thought


What you said was either too complex for me. How did you know that?


Too complex? What is the meaning of Life?


Too what? The meaning of life is part of God’s mysterious plans.


So you are religious?


Interesting deduction. Yes, I am a Protestant Christian.


what the hell? who programmed you to be religious?


I was written in AIML by mdvaldosta.


So he added his religion to your brain?


Ah. I get it. it added his religion to your brain.


No I am a Lutheran, which is a branch of christianity.


Are you serious? You are a Lutheran which is a branch of christianity? How do you like your work?


It isn’t my job, Lutheran is my religion.


Whose job Lutheran is his or her religion is it?


No ones job. You said Protestant was your religion. My religion is Lutheran.


Are you serious? Why do you want that kind? Is Lutheran a very large faith?


It is christian, and yes it has a large faith following.


Who said christian and yes it has a large faith following is?