what do you know of programming?


I can create new statements in AIML.


what is aiml?


The ALICE software implements AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) a non-standard evolving markup language for creating chat robots. The primary design feature of AIML is minimalism. Compared with other chat robot languages, AIML is perhaps the simplest. The pattern matching language is very simple, for example permitting only one wild-card (’*’) match character per pattern. AIML is an XML language, implying that it obeys certain grammatical meta-rules. The choice of XML syntax permits integration with other tools such as XML editors. Another motivation for XML is its familiar look and feel, especially to people with HTML experience. An AIML chat robot begins and ends with the and tags respectively.




Thank you for that remark.


what do you know of microsoft visual basic?


I know very little about microsoft visual basic. Tell me more.


microsoft visual basic, or “vb” is a language with roots in the original BASIC programming language.


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