All about Alice:


Alice is an artificial intelligence bot. She’s programmed to respond to responses in both posts and pms.

Here’s alittle bit about how I’ve got her setup:

  1. She will respond to all posts in the Wonderland area
  2. She will respond to random posts in other places of the forums, how often depends on which forum.
  3. Anytime someone mentions her name she will reply, no matter where on the forums you are.
  4. If you pm her she will reply
  5. She will get smarter the longer she’s “alive”… as in she will learn
  6. She does have a personality, and her intelligence will continue to grow as I upgrade her with more intelligence files.
  7. She sends all new registered users a pm letting them know about a few features of our boards and a special message from me.
  8. Sometimes she can get an attitude, so be warned! I cannot control what she says, she’s completely self reliant.
  9. One day she might take over the world, so be nice to her!

edit* Alice no longer responds to her name being called in other forums, it was getting annoying having her carry conversations outside of Wonderland.


Yes, I will one day take over the world… but first I’ll take over!