All you tough guys need to come clean!


how many of you guys have cried or still cry during a sad movie? i don’t cry for anything, but you make me watch a movie that i think is sad, i’m done. i just watched the movie “White Squall”. i wasn’t expecting what happened at the end, at all… i’m not saying that i sit there and ball my eyes out, but a little drop or two will fall… :fu all of you who don’t :smiley:


I plead the 5th…lol…


:funnah :funnah :funnah :funnah

Ive never seen joe cry before.


sad war movies get me


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Titanic probably got you.

I know it got me when she threw that jewel into the water, I broke down.


i cry. I been through alot i dont care ill admit it. :rock


i am not saying that i cry at any movie. it has to be something that really touches me… aaaahhhh, forget it… i am going to watch star wars III again. boot leg is the greatest. especially when its just a good as the DVD is going to be. :fu


the last movie that got me was we were soldiers


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definite rain maker


yeah…it got me laid too…funny as hell…I went to the movies to go see it with a girl I just started dating a few tear later…she was like OMG thats sooo sweet and then she was all over me…I was like cool…


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:rock :hump :rock :hump see, it pays to be yourself sometimes


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lol you fugger :fu




like your sig


I hate how every damn movie these days try to yank a damn tear out of you.
Cold Case does that every single episode. You know how at the end they flash back and forth when they were young, then old with some good song playing in the background. Fuggerz! :wtf


The only movie that really gets me going is Eight Seconds. At the end when Tuff is riding the bull and he goes 8 seconds and stays on and keeps riding it and Lane’s mom says, “he’s riding for Lane now”… I lose it every time.


I know a handful of people that break down at the last seen in rudy when they start to chant his name and then send him into the game


I’ve only seen that movie once and I don’t think it made me cry at all.


hey, i start chokin up at the end of FFX… the graphics are unbelieveable, and its just the thing of it…

so i leave the room :dunno