Almost there


after weeks of whoring it up here I’ve finaly come with in 1000 post of T… :wtf only 1000




I’ve whored like a champ for a couple weeks only to come within 1000…the woman must of been posting like she was on crack or something


Re: RE: almost there

well, if ya whored at the right location, maybe you would have caught up to her post count, but sorry, the street corner doesnt count :smiley:


that was almost funny…I must say your wise ass remarks have improved


funny thing is t isnt even posting and you still havent caught up


^^^ What he said. But don’t fret Bacon… you’ll catch her one day. I think she has like 50 million thousand more posts than I do. So at my present rate of posting I should catch up to her by the year 2248. That’s my goal.