Am I Blasphemous?

I’ve run out of rizlas and can’t be bothered to go down the shops for more. I have a Bible and the pages of it are ideal for cigarette papers, is it ok to use them for this?

depends on your beliefs…

Even though Im not that religious… I refused to throw a bible away… I guess I wouldnt agree with smoking one… But hell. do what you wanna do. lol

a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do, peter. you’re no superman, you know.

btw, im voting burn in hell, blasphemer!

LMAO peter…i’ve done that before. The last few pages in my bible were totally blank, so i figured it wasn’t really blasphemous. I’m sure the rastafarians have no problem with it anyway :slight_smile:

I just hope that the ink isn’t poisonous.


Who picked Burn in H*ll?
I have no problem with it tho

i picked go ahead…its just another book the meaning is in the heart not in the writing anyway…this subject is also debatable kind of like should burning of the u.s. flag be illegal…but different topic! burn away my man burn away