Am I the only one who think's this is stupid?

So this club I go to, it’s my every weekend haunt, has been a bit slow on Friday’s. This club is located underneath a restuarant in the basement. There’s already limited space and aside from a few tables its standing room only. It already gets packed beyond capacity on Saturdays. Well the owner decided to drum up business he’d install a catwalk like stage and have girls dance on it in lingerie… this thing is stuck in the middle of the room instead of being up against a wall. the walk is up so high u have to be under like 5’5 to even dance on it, I would think this would stir people away rather than drum up business because it takes away standing room. There is already an unneeded pool table occupying space… I like the club but i think this is a dumb idea… I will be watching tonight though :wink:

A lot of club owners don’t think things through. Sounds like a bad idea.

that does sound stupid… but good for business…

I wish my local had dancing girls.

So it’s dancing men then? :turninggay2:

Sex sells.


No shit.

Quit your complaining, Dana and enjoy the show. :thumbup

LOL I feel jipped… although i paid no money there were only two women brave enough to dance and they danced in boy shorts/booty shorts and a tank top… IMO that ain’t lingerie… Maybe I’m just a perv :24:


so are u mister lapdance :24:


Yup, you’re perv!! :wink: