Am I the only one

who thinks 6 seconds is a very short time unless you are waiting between posts or PMs. Then it seems to take forever!

6 seconds is an infinity, depending on where you work

6 or 60?

I just got a 60 second violation for trying to PM too soon.

try talking for two minutes continously, thats a long time :stuck_out_tongue:


You have to wait 60, but it’ll tell you how long you have left if you jump the gun.

PJ- I do count. Just really really really fast apparently. And I like how you numbered your numbers!!!

I agree Kim… it takes forever…


No, you’re not the only one - it sure does seem to take forever!

I dunno what your talking about, however it does take me a while to look and read the posts before i come up with an answer sooooo yeah

yeah people take too damn long to read or something…bleh.

:24: she doesnt have the time delay, shes a mod but shhhh dont tell her that :ninja

lmao… and yeah its feels like forever…i sit and count…lol

I agree that it does take a while for PM and for posting sometimes that way too. Just sometimes, that can be annoying when you’re posting/sending a message.

6 seconds is an eternity when the light has turned green and the person in front of me is texting or talking on the phone and not paying attention.:smiley: