what are the pros and cons of these processors. does one favor over the other.


I was told about the AMD Athalon processor and that is what I went with. I have absolutely no regrets about it. The AMD Athalon is absolutely the shit when it comes to gaming and surfing the net. It is lightning fast and loads pages and games in a hurry. Our lap top has an Intel Pemntium 4 in it and I dont know if its b/c its a lap top or what but it seems like its quite a bit slower as far as loading new pages.


the computer im using now is a amd athlon but i got it in 2002 and my last computer i had was a intel P4. i think mine is a AMD athlon XP 2000+. im looking at getting another computer and i saw the intel pentium 4 and then i saw the AMD athlon 64 3700+ cause this computer im using now just aint cutting it with any game i want to play and its pissing me off.


I custom ordered mine from office Depot. i paid @ $900 for the tower w/ keyboard and optical mouse. Here is what my system consists of.

Processor: AMD Athalon XP3000+, MMX, 3DNow, ~2.2GHz
Memory: 512MB RAM
Display: NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440 with AGP8X
Integrated RAMDAC
Approx. Memory: 64.0 MB


Mine is 2 years old and I have had absolutely no problems playing ANY game on mine. I can play anything off the shelf and there are no flaws in the graphics or sound. No problems loading saved games no problems saving games. Mine being a 3000+ I wouldnt hesitate to buy a 3700+.

Not to mention, with the AMD not being as big a name brand as Intel, you might save some cash too.


when i got the one in 2002 i got it off the TV and a company called sytemax made it. very nice features at the time. paid way to much money for it. i think it was 2500.00 it came with the tower, monitor, lexmark 3in 1 printer, keyboard, optical mouse, 2 speakers with some kind of subwoofer box, windows XP home ED., 50 software titles, 256 mb of ram, dvd player. awesome at the time but now its kicking my ass. now my sony was great. i got that at best buy. that was really fast but i got a virus on it and then took it to best buy and it cant be fixed. :frowning: so im looking for a pretty decent computer now that allows good game play and thats pretty fast. im looking at the 1024mb or ram.


im not interested in buying a computer package cause i have a nice 19 inch lcd monitor and im gonna get this wireless key board and wireless mouse from microsoft that has a thing on the key board that you can just put your finger on it and it will scan it and you dont got to remember and passwords. hope it works. its $86.00 but game play sucks on this computer. im not much of a gamer but i do like my shooter games and trivia games.


Actually, I was looking at Systemax when I bought min but was able to get all the same features in a HP for waaaayy less. I think the price on the Systemax was @1500 for the same things i got in an HP. The guy at Office Depot really helped me out in picking what I wanted and kept me from ripping myself off. Instead of buying the high dollar video card, he talked me into buying the one I have b/c I could upgrade later for less than the cost of the newer card at the time. He also talked me into going w/ 2 USP ports for memory sticks and slots to read my media cards so that I wouldnt need extra attachments to load hotos and digital videos etc…


yeah i may have to look into getting one custom made. they just opened up a new office depot close to where i live so i think i check that out. but systemax customer service rocks. they were so helpful the other day and said yeah the game requirements hurt you with your games i have a serial number on my computer so they have a list of whats all in my computer and they emailed me back with in 30 mins and helped.


Yeah, Ive heard that the customer service was the best with them. When I bought mine I didnt really have the most to spend but when I get ready for another one, Im goin with a Systemax. I have heard nothing but good stuff about them.


heres what i’ll sell ya bub…dual core amd 64 3500 (two processors in one) 120 gig sata hard drive, 512 mb ddr2 ram, dvd rw, floppy, integraded 128 mb pci video card, black mid tower case, windows xp home (you don’t need pro unless your on a domain) and a two year warranty. i’ll do it for ~925 drop shipped to your house…i’ll also load ANY programs you want on it.


AMD owns


Re: RE: AMD v.s. INTEL

I had no idea that you were in sales Matt. Who do you work for?


amd = cheaper
intel = expensive

amd = gamers, mostly
intel = more broad spectrum

amd = not original
intel = original

i currently use intel, but i own a few older amd processors…

btw… i wanted to start a computer forum with joe’s website/forum offer, but i got confused when registering for an account :owned


Re: RE: AMD v.s. INTEL

I had no idea that you were in sales Matt. Who do you work for?[/quote]

a locally owned store in greenville, nc…edit on that system also, btw… amd 64 3800 dual core (not 3500) and 200 gig sata hard drive (not 120) is for 1025 though…sorry the other is not in stock anymore3.


not a bad deal. can you explain the dual processor thing to me. i never heard of that before.


AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor Product Brief

Take multi-tasking to a whole new level with the AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor.

The AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core processor puts the power of dual-core technology on the desktop. Dual-core processors contain two processing cores, residing on one chip, that perform calculations on two streams of data, thereby increasing efficiency and speed while running multiple programs and the new generation of multi-threaded software.

For the end-user this means a significant increase in response and performance when running multiple applications simultaneously. The AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual-Core processor outperforms the highest-performing AMD Athlon™ 64 4000+ single-core processor on multi-tasking benchmarks by up to 30%.

Better Multi-Tasking Means Increased Office Productivity
Productivity in today’s workplace requires smooth, efficient and seamless multi-tasking. The AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core processor delivers TRUE multi-tasking, allowing users to switch from one program to another without pausing for the computer to catch up and reducing annoying processing pauses. The end result is an increase in office productivity performance of 22% on average.

Setting the Pace in Digital Media
Digital media software demands simultaneous processing of data streams, the perfect use for the incredible multi-tasking power of the AMD64 dual-core technology. Dual-core technology is like having two processors working together, each one taking care of different applications, so power-users actually experience greater performance when multiple applications are running. Digital media enthusiasts can usher in the next generation of digital media software for amazing high-definition video and photo editing, content creation, and audio mixing. With the AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual-Core processor, your PC will perform up to 80% faster than a single-core AMD Athlon™ 64 4000+ processor on the latest power-hungry digital media software applications.

Smooth and Efficient Upgrades
Additionally, the elegant design of the AMD64 architecture allowed for the planning of dual-core processors from the ground up, which means that the AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual-Core processor is designed to fit in the same 939-pin infrastructure as single-core processors. All that is required is a BIOS update, saving our partners the costs of redesigns and obsolete inventory.

All the Proven Benefits of AMD64 Technology
Enhanced Virus Protection with Windows® XP Service Pack 2
Enhanced Virus Protection is a feature of AMD64 technology. Enhanced Virus Protection feature in AMD64 processors, in conjunction with certain operating systems help to prevent the spread of certain viruses, like MSBlaster and Slammer, significantly reducing the cost and down-time associated with similar viruses and improving the protection of computers and personal information against certain PC viruses1.

AMD Athlon 64 Processor Architecture Performance
HyperTransport™ technology can increase overall system performance by removing I/O bottlenecks, increasing system bandwidth, and reducing system latency. A fully integrated DDR memory controller helps speed access to memory by offering the processor a direct connection to the main memory. As a result, end users can enjoy quicker application loading and extraordinary application performance.

Ready for the 64-bit future
Like all the processors in the AMD Athlon 64 family, the AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core processor is designed for people who want to stay at the forefront of technology and for those who depend on their PCs to keep them connected, informed, and entertained. Systems based on AMD Athlon 64 processors are able to deliver leading-edge performance for demanding productivity and entertainment software today and in the future.

With AMD64 technology, the AMD Athlon 64 processor is fully compatible with existing software, while enabling a seamless transition to 64-bit applications. Both 32- and 64-bit applications can run virtually simultaneously and transparently on the same platform. AMD64 technology enables new, cinematic computing experiences and capabilities, in addition to increased performance. AMD64 technology allows end users to take advantage of new innovations such as real-time encryption, more life-like games, accurate speech interfaces, cinema-quality graphic effects, and easy-to-use video and audio editing.

Purchase with Confidence
Founded in 1969, AMD has shipped more than 240 million PC processors worldwide. Customers can depend on the AMD Athlon 64 processor and AMD for compatibility and reliability. AMD processors undergo extensive testing to help ensure compatibility with Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT®, Windows 2000, as well as Linux and other PC operating systems. AMD works collaboratively with Microsoft and other partners to achieve compatibility of AMD processors and to expand the capability of software and hardware products leveraging AMD64 technology. AMD conducts rigorous research, development, and validation to help ensure the continued integrity and performance of its products.


let me get some pictures illistrating processors and dual cores and hyper threading and such… :tard