American Idol


Anybody here like to watch American Idol?
I love that show. I am so addicted to it.
I cant decide who my favorite is though, either Carrie or Bo. :rock


My mom is obsessed, so I tend to know what’s going on because she talks about it a lot.

I’m glad the one guy that just got voted out is gone- he resembles my ex so much, it was scary! lol.

I like the black girl, she’s good. And the blonde. Just from what I’ve seen when my mom has it on.


I am still in shock over Constatine getting voted off. That right there was sooo wrong. He rocked :rock


can’t say that I do




I dont watch it either.


American Idol makes root canals look fun, but no I haven’t seen it.


American retard, [size=2]woot![/size]
I’d like to round house Simon. <<<<in a Martial arts kind of way.


I don’t watch it, but I love seeing the recaps of the ones that get up there and make fools of themselves because they absolutely can’t sing. I think they are teh funnah!


Re: RE: American Idol

:agree :booze


nah :tard


the last few episodes are sometimes good since its (supposedly) all the best people… but the whole voting thing is all :tard to me


Ive never watched it but I would american idol Paula Abdul IDB :hump


american idol…

with a BRITISH producer…

thats kind of :tard :tard :tard :tard :tard