American ISP Rant


I viscerally hate American ISPs. There’s a tiny county in Washington state called Ephrata that has their own small local fiber optic company that provides 5, 6 times the national average for less money than Comcast’s premium rates. Most of the server farms are built up there because of it. We’re literally being held back and falling behind E Asian countries because of a bunch of greedy corporate dirtbags who buy off our know-nothing politicians. Urban areas don’t have ISP competition because all the infrastructure is in place and it’s too expensive, regulated, or both to try and challenge the current local ISP hegemon. Rural areas don’t have ISP competition because there’s not enough people there for competitors to justify building new infrastructure at a loss. Everyone gets fucked and the ISPs sit on decrepit networks sucking up money like a leech on the national body.

Now, with all this anti-net neutrality horseshit they’re trying to change the laws and make it WORSE. Make it so that they can throttle or simply deny everything that you try to load that isn’t in your plan like we’re regressing back to fucking cable TV.

The speed of data is paramount to any online activity you engage in. For most people, that’s streaming video or playing multiplayer games. However it also affects the speeds that, for example, future automated cars could network at. Or remote surgery. Anything that involves data transfer that isn’t in a bunch of server farms hooked up with fiber-optics is affected by the national average.

Even if you shill out a billion dollars, or however much it would be, to put down a fiber-optics cable to your mansion, you would still be affected- because national averages affect design. The worst part for games isn’t even the throttling that’s practiced- it’s the fact national average internet speeds dictate multiplayer game design. Want 128, or even 256 person severs for a multiplayer game? Well too bad the national infrastructure is shit, and doing so would cut out too large of the consumer base. It might work in South Korea. The big companies like Google don’t care enough to force change because all their data is zipping around server farms on fiber optics.

The only bright side is that this is driving cellular wireless network development and when they role out 5G in 2020 some are hyping >1 Gbps for 4K video. God only knows how much it will cost.

When I look at the modern political landscape I feel like I’m trapped in a madhouse in between greedy backwards ingrates who are irrationally resistant to change, and a bunch of loony idiots who think that “progress” comes in the form of spending institutional and political capital on having black lesbians be put in charge of Comcast and Verizon.


Don’t forget in 1991, part of the ‘information superhighway’ plan was to make America the first fiber optic country. Associated Bell companies got a total $400 billion dollars in tax breaks so they could roll out the upgrades nationwide.

Obviously, they didn’t do shit, and most fiber coverage in the US is only available on the coast at a huge mark-up to standard service packages. There’s a fucking book about it.

Google Fiber recently halted expansion because between laying down cables and dealing with the constant lawsuits from competing ISPs they literally cannot afford it.

If fucking Google doesn’t have the influence and capital to get in on the internet provider oligopoly, fucking no one does. This shit needs to be broken up, but good fucking luck when the people who can actually do something about it are getting kickbacks from the companies responsible.


Who would have thought the rich and powerful would be in bed with the state :wink:


i feel so blessed in so many ways living in tucson with my wireless dish aimed right at the downtown server farm’s tower, less than a mile away with a static IP and unlimited bandwidth from bluespan wireless for $60/mo. it’s owned by a gay guy, so i get 25% off for being transgender. add in another $50/mo to boost for the cell and i’ve got money left in the communications budget for office 365 and avast premium subscriptions.

i went through everything you were ranting about in the OP, @Ricky , especially getting screwed by the fiber not being close enough to my rural home to use it between 1999 and 2005, stuck on a pair gain line with a broadband home network 15K ’ from the last fiber repeater and 7K’ from the neighborhood POP, too far from either one to establish a 2-way broadband connection.

imagine yourself to be my computer with a garden hose turned up full blast stuffed down your throat. that’s what it was like for my machines. they couldn’t handle the traffic forced on them over the dial-up modem that was always online. the software was constantly failing and over 50 machines were totally fubarred during that period.