any one here have one they are interested in selling??? looking for something around 800 watts rms…


I’ve got a buddy who owns a stereo shop, I’ll ask him what it’ll cost. He’s probably got a used one.


werd…thanks md


He’s got a 520w peak SPL for $169 - are you sure you want 800rms he’s got a Memphis 1000.1 for $399

He says if you tell him what you’re trying to run with it then he can get you something appropriate.

His website is - you can email him from there. He sells all kinds of Kicker and MTX stuff. Probably has some stuff in his pawn shop too, but nothing 800rms.


i’ll be running an audiobahn aw1206t, 2004 model i think…maybe a 2005

it says 1100 rms, 2200 peak at dual 4 ohm’s. on a 2 ohm stable amp.


Damn that’s a big ass sub. Yea you wouldn’t be happy with anything less than 500rms, and 800-1000 is where you wanna be.


yeah, i like it… i have a 2000 watt lanzar on it right now, but the amp is shitty and cant handle high power levels. i tried the amp on someone elses subs and it still sounds like shit, so i know its the amp. kinda makes a constant thump at anything over 1/4 power.


:rock :rock just won this on ebay…

thanks for cheking for me though MD.