Ana Love?

I just want your opinions on something.

You might have heard of this before. I have a friend who insists that “ana” (anorexia) and “mia” (bulimia) are lifestyle choices, not disorders.

In her words, “people choose silly diets all the time and no one blinks. Instead of cutting carbs, we cut it all. Hunger hurts, but starving works.” She always signs off her aim by saying to me “ana love”.

I’m not sure what I think about it right now.

What about you?

it’s definitely not something that is widely accepted, and i don’t think its a positive lifestyle choice. It is one based on obsession and unhappiness. Sure you could say the same thing about regular diets, but everything in moderation…dieting is moderation…not eating at ALL…that’s just going overboard i think.

I think someone is trying to cover over and excuse the fact that they have a serious problem!

I know it sounds really stupid to defend eating disorders, but I don’t know. I’ve met people who can turn it on and off, so to speak. Like, they can eat fine, but engage in fasting or something like that for periods of time.

I’m not sure if it’s because of my social circle, but I definitely know so many people who starve themselves and that sort of thing. It’s really hard to get classified as anorexic, though. Most people who say they are, aren’t. The criteria are really specific.

True they might beable to contorl it but it causes severe damage to the body over time:( and that makes me sad.

She obviously hasn’t achieved the first step - admitting you have a problem.

Yall may think Im weird but Im too the point now after the conversation me and my husband had yesterday to try to drop some weight really fast by going w/o eating for awhile and just keeping myself going with water and fluids. Yall just have no idea how desperate I am and how frustrated I am with this weight gain from the steroids and how it is affecting my sex life. He told me that he isnt even turned on by me anymore because of the weight I have put on. You have no idea how bad that hurts. So I have got to do something and its got to come off fast.

might i suggest councling for you two serious, its better then the option your seeking to do right now. by complety stop eating your body will be deprived of the minerals and vitamens it needs to fuction more properly. fluids alone will not help your body out and dropping to much wieght to fast could cause sever problems with your internal organs:( please find some info on what this could do to your body in the long run before seriously considering this option.

Wtf was your hubby thinking saying that??? Thats harsh!:mad

I asked him. He never brought it up or mentioned anything about it until I asked him. I just asked him if he thought I was unattractive or ugly. He told me that I was by no means ugly but that I was very bad out of shape and he wasnt turned on by me anymore.

Still think it was a horrible thing to say, all it could do it make things worse, not very encoraging or a very good way to boost your self esteem!