Anger, Fear and Uncertainty



I feel that the amount of anger, fear and uncertainty in the world has increased tremendously over the last few years. Why do you think that is? Is it because of the media that seems to promote stories centered around these subjects or are things around the world really THAT bad?

What can we do to promote hope, happiness and excitement for the future? I’m personally looking forward to all the developments centered around technology and health, things are advancing rapidly.


I think the media does have a big role to play, with people’s emotions and sharing stories around the world. But a lot of it is simply the decisions taken by politicians, economists and international officials. Things like war, corruption, exploitation, dangerous competition, poverty, lack of education, homelessness, police and state violence, oppression, this whole ‘them and us’ culture. It’s everywhere, and I frankly cannot see how any of that will end.

You mean technology and health for the privileged few who can afford it, or for everyone, including people below the poverty line?


Hasn’t this always been around? Does it just seem more intensified now because of the internet and how we can easily access it?

Both. I understand that there are some instances that only privileged get access to. But things like free mobile internet are things that can benefit the unprivileged.


Yes, but these things personally make me angry because there are ways to overcome them. It’s just the politicians and corporations won’t try to solve them because it does not benefit them.