i think i have an anger problem. recently, a day or two after my gf broke up with me, i was listening to a song (loud) over and over, and i got more and more pissed, when i broke part of my stereo, which my dad will have to look at.

a while later, at training, i got so pissed that i punched a hole in a wall and walked out…3 times. that set off a whole load of crap that im still mostly clueless about.

i DONT want to go to anger management…cuz word will get out and…yuck.

any advice?

Its normal for anger after such an event. Just try to find healthy releases for your anger, like working out, running etc etc. DO NOT bottle it up.

Take up boxing!

man you guys need to jack off more! release that testosterone!

Use it, but don’t abuse it.



actually my ex has anger issues and I bought him a punching bag and his counselor said that was a bad thing to do, Im not sure why but Im just repeating what I was told

sounds great, would love to, but mom would kick my ass worse than Mike Tyson would.

:thatfunny: LOL, I was thinking the same thing :slight_smile:

nothing works better for me than running. sometimes getting something to eat will help.

i’ve punched a few holes through walls. a couple summers ago i was having a horrible week, i was taking a final exam, my phone was on silent but it still made noise when someone left me a voicemail. my professor looked at me and said “automatic failure.” i handed in my test half finished, threw my phone in the trash, and walked out. then i found out he was joking.

i can’t tell you enough how important it is to keep a level head sometimes.

Working out is supposed to be really good for calming down. It gives you a positive outlet for the anger (kick those weights’ asses!) and something about the endorphines it releases, too.

warning: this post is a James opinion, I am in no way a psychologist/counselor

It’s probably a bad idea because it teaches someone to release the anger in an “unhealthy” way, such as punching or kicking something when anger is felt, so if they get angry when they’re away they might do the drastic thing and knock someones teeth out.

Exercise or an artistic expression might be more helpful in releasing the anger, not to mention healthier because it lets someone get the anger out in a non-violent fashion.

I dunno. Makes sense in my brain, and I’m feeling lazy so I don’t want to look it up. :smiley:

I jack myself into a nirvana every fuggin day. sigh

excercise. exercise. put your anger into your work out. That’s what I use to do until I got pregnant. I would push myself in the exercise room until I couldn’t feel my arms or legs. and it actually felt good.

Til the next day… :slight_smile: