Another Mass Gun Shooting In The US

Man kills eight at US care home
A gunman has opened fire at a nursing home in the US state of North Carolina. Six died at the scene, and two injured died later in hospital.
A police officer and the gunmen were among those injured in the incident in the town of Carthage, police said.
Police units at Pinelake Health and Rehab Center, where the gunman opened fire at 1000 local time (1500 GMT).
A 45-year-old man is under arrest, and will be charged with eight murders, a local district attorney said.
“At this time the suspect, Robert Stewart, is in custody facing these eight counts of murder, felony assault on a law enforcement officer, and other charges are pending at this time,” said Maureen Krueger, Moore County district attorney.
The man is not believed to be related to any of the residents at the home.
Seven residents and one nurse were among the fatalities.
The facility, about 60 miles (100 km) south-west of Raleigh, has 90 beds and specialises in caring for people with Alzheimer’s disease.
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                       Story from BBC NEWS:

Still, you shouldn’t ban guns because he probably is very poor.


There is no end with the proud gun culture

There will be more killings with people running amok during a recession

Quote from MSN website:

While authorities declined to comment on a possible motive, Stewart’s ex-wife said he had been reaching out recently to family members, telling them he had cancer and was preparing for a long trip and to “go away.” Sue Griffin said she was married to Stewart for 15 years, and while they hadn’t spoken since divorcing in 2001, he had been trying to call her during the past week through her son, mother, sister and grandmother.
“He did have some violent tendencies from time to time,” Griffin said. “I wouldn’t put it past him. I hate to say it, but it is true.”

I hope they put the needle in that bastard’s arm!

Yeah…Taking guns away will stop violence:rolleyes:

No, but it might stop the mass shootings though. :rolleyes:

We’ve been through this…You can’t stop batshit crazy people Parka

Why would someone do that? It’s absolutely pointless!

It was the guns fault:24:


Guns don’t kill people. People with guns kill people. If this bloke’s weapon of choice had been a knife, there’d have been a lot less people dead, I guarantee you that much.

if they banned all weapons he would just go to champ sporting goods and buy a baseball bat…


Absolutely. its much easier to run from a knife then a gun

Guns are like weeds in the US. You’re never going to get rid of them, and I’m not willing to do what’s necessary to try. Liberty’s more important.

Liberty is more important than innocent people getting a hole through their skull? Hell, I’m pretty Liberal but you’ve got to draw a line somewhere!

I’m all for liberty. Hell, I’m not even opposed to people owning weapons. My father was a hunter who owned numerous rifles. There is, however, a difference in owning a hunting rifle which has a legitimate purpose and in owning an assault weapon, whose only purpose is violence.

Agreed!!! I’m more ok with people owning hunting rifles when they are farmers or hunters but I really see no need for people to own hand guns. :nod:

Great! Doesn’t apply here at all. That’s not a handgun nor an assault rifle. - Gunman Kills 8, Injures 3 at N.C. Nursing Home - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News

That looks like a rifle to me…?

Edited to add that it’s weird that the gunman used a rifle, isn’t it?

[quote=“sophiezosia, post: 1078717”]That looks like a rifle to me…?

Edited to add that it’s weird that the gunman used a rifle, isn’t it?[/quote]

Technically a rifle is a much more effective killing instrument. The only advantage to a handgun is getting in closer on your target, ballistically a handgun isn’t normally any good for any type of long range.

That’s why I find it hysterical that nobody seems to have a problem with folks owning a “hunting rifle”:stuck_out_tongue:

I am deadly accurate with the rifles I use for hunting…500yds+