Another Political Quiz


This is just a fun little thing I’d like to see what people score as . This is the link:

This is what I got lol.


Also. I just want to say, I have never watched anything to do with Ron Sawnson but I bet he’s an insufferable unfunny moron :wink:


Social Libertarian
You think markets are important but you clearly prioritize social issues either because you think that people should come before capital, or because you are a libertine who values the sacred right to shoot heroin and have kinky sex with anyone you want (or at least, anyone who will have you - let’s not forget you are a libertarian of sorts).

So a Libertarian socialist. Pretty accurate.


How did you manage to get this but I didnt? I’ve never hard of a “Salon Communist” before but I dont like it :dizzy_face:

I’ve never been to a salon in my life!!!


just go down a bit and you’d be great lol.


Made in Hong Kong: Trade made you rich and you love commerce - Personal liberties don’t add up on your balance sheet and thus aren’t accounted for.
It is a tad short and I don’t exactly agree, however it is a fun little quiz.