Anti-Communist Action



Hey guys, lets get this thread started with some books, movies, TV shows, and other forms of media that are anti-Communist and anti-Socialist; though I don’t need to differentiate the two as they are one in the same.
Let us also discuss all the political parties that are anti-Socialist.



What’s your opinion on the Nordic Economic Model?


Better than other forms of capitalism in the world, but doesn’t quite go far enough. In our modern society, social democracy is probably the best we’re going to get for a while, and is definitely progress by some metrics, true socialism is preferable.

So essentially, good, but could be better.


I’m assuming you find this thread very offensive in general


Fuck it, lets combine anti-fascism and anti-communism. We must institute a democratic autocracy and spread the ways of R A D I C A L C E N T R I S M


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Unsustainable for the long term. It takes too much from the individuals just for shitty healthcare and Social Security when you can do better with a savings account and some payed for healthcare, and if you don’t want that you don’t have to have it. Freedom of choice, in my opinion, is the most important part of any Republic.


I do think a powerful executive is important, however it should always be democratic.


Why is the Nordic model unsustainable? Swedens economy collapsed in 2008 yet they managed to avoid most forms of austerity with a balanced budget. Also , 40% taxes in the USA is common , even in low tax states your still gonna be paying 30+ percent in taxes. Only you don’t get any of the benefits swedes get,


You must not live in the US. Taxes are dependent upon your income. if you make less than $10,000 dollars per year and you live alone then it will be about 10% but the max you will have is 39.6% and that is if you make $444,551 if you’re the household head. Usually people just have about 25% or 28%.


sweden also uses a progressive tax system (thats the name of the tax system you described).


Yes, however the tax percentage is higher. Also, I found a good meme.


I do live in the US and I’m with Goon. Costs of living are too high relative to income. Either employers need to start paying more or we need government healthcare.


By that logic the same goes for fascists, in which case fair enough


I am very torn on the subject, however I am going to stick to my guns and say leave it to the free markets. However I do think that if a State wants to they can make legislation on the matter. I don’t see it as a federal issue.


Universal healthcare is superior to most “free market” based implementations because of economies of scale.

In simple terms, countries with uni healthcare use huge negiotiations to push down the costs of a treatment, so, let’s take a rather iconic example of the NHS, they advertise that the contract to supply them with hip replacements is up for grabs, and the company that can provide millions of their elderly citizens with said hip replacement treatment (this is overly simplistic but it explains the point) at the cheapest price following a minimum standard gets the contract. This minimum standard usually actually being quite high. The company who wins this contract basically wins a guaranteed source of easy income for years, that will be consistent and constant, a quite literal offer they can’t refuse, and so the discounts the nhs gets are often enourmous because competition for this contract is huge.

This is a big reason why drug prices are much lower, and why european countries and canada have often superior or similiar standards to healthcare to the USA while paying far less and even being poorer then the USA. The bigger the country the more effective this type of arrangement becomes. Universal healthcare would also remove the charge master problem the USA has, which is a key factor for high healthcare costs (an unintended and unforseen consequence of the free market).

The charge master of a hospital is basically the log sheet where they keep prices for treatments in a US hospital, and how much to charge for them. The prices are usually over-inflated. This was actually because of health insurance in the USA, who applied the same collective bargaining tactic to try to get cheaper prices for the people who they cover. Individual hospitals could not afford these discounts and actually had to raise the prices via their charge master to appease insurance companies, so essentially hike the price by say 50% and then the insurance company gets a " 50%" discount on that. Hospitals then later abused this too for their own gain and is a key factor in US healthcare prices.

Edit: This problem with healthcare prices by the way, was the product of private insurance, and was a serious issue prior to obama care in case you were wondering, although Obama care was in many ways a giveaway to said insurance companies.


The introduction of tyranny to stop perceived injustice only serves to further enslave and impose upon the freemen, which makes them just another cog in a machine. Socialism and Communism are one in the same and only offer for the individual to give up themselves for the greater good of the lazy and indolent. We should not lower great men to the level of the societal degenerate, Capitalism is an equalizer of merit, as any great man can thrive, only when a degenerate say they are owed for existence is when people undermine the ideals of ability and industry for the ideals of the greater good and altruism.


Until it becomes crony capitalism, whereby you have economic tyranny by the elite. Power must be spread throughout society, to quote Kanye West no one man should have all that power. No one person or group. A system whereby there is a balance of capitalist enterprise and government oversight is the best balance IMO


True that brother. However the government must not intrude too far, lest we end up with a system that is immobile.


The government must choose which regulations are and are not essential and rank them as such. That will ensure proper regulation