There are bloody ants in my spotless kitchen. I’ve scrubbed and cleaned and you could seriously lick soup off the floor in my kitchen and yet, still ants roaming around like they own the place. :yuk

What are your tried and true ant-eliminating tips?



I hate ants too! Just find out where they are coming from and put some cinnamon in front of the hole. Pet friendly and kid safe and it should stop them.


Seriously? Cinnamon? Wouldn’t that entice them?


Nope. They don’t like it. I don’t know why, but they don’t. A couple of apartments ago, I got plagued by ants. Didn’t matter how clean it was or anything. They were everywhere! So I put cinnamon on the window sills, outside the front door, and around the trashcan. No more ants.


Good to know!!! I have cinnamon too. Soleil likes it on toast. Guess I’ll be spreading it around our place!!


I was reading online some to see why they don’t like it. Didn’t find an answer, but someone suggested using cinnamon sticks on window sills. It’s easier to clean.


they don’t like sage either.


Anteaters, works every time. :nod: