ANY construction people out there?


Got a question… Me and joe are having our house built and they STILL HAVENT poured the concrete!!! They havent done anything but level the ground and that was 3 weeks ago!!! We close on the house on MAY 1st… Less than 2 months away… Can they still build the house in time?? I dont want it put together fast and it be crappy because of that.


im not a in constuction but ive seen houses been built in 2 weeks. where i live we have a developer that builds so many houses and devolopments. a couple years ago they ever advertises on the super bowl. its called THP. but i wouldnt worry. i was gonna say maybe its the snow but i forgot you 2 dont get snow down there. i would tell them to get there asses moving tho.


I called the realestate lady and she told me they were fine… But the another dude told us it takes at least 3 months to build a house here. Supposibly they are short on crews or something… Thats why I am worried.


it all depends, lots in florida take serveal months to be prepped then built. I used to work construction, i should know this but i dont, all depends on your contractor, size of house, any issues with the lot, and etc. Crew like you said. Call em ask.


Poured the concrete for what? Footers? Are you building a basement? I would have the footers poured by now and the basement walls going up. They won’t pour the basement floor/garage floor untill last. Not sure what concrete you are talking about though


I think she means the Sonotube :dunno


i saw a video once where they built a whole house from scratch in like 2-3 hours.

but they had several hundred workers who had planned this all out uber-meticuloulsy.


I think most of those houses are somewhat pre-fabricated in some way, shape, or form


Hey V, what kind of house? Is it a ranch? Does it have a full basement, crawl space or is it built on a slab? How many square feet?

If you answer these questions, I can better tell you how long it should take.


I’m going through the same thing. My new house is ready to start, but the City hasn’t put the underground utilities in yet and they don’t have a date yet either. One guy said it could be a month or it could be 6 months. Nothing I can do. The worst part is I already sold my house and I’ve got until June to get out. I’m acually looking to buy another house right now to live in until my new house is ready. I’ll be hurt’n for certain for a while. :dunno


They can usually throw a ranch up in no time. Depends on how big, if all the subs are ready to go.

Most houses are pre fab these days, assuming it’s not a custom home.

I wouldn’t sweat it. They’ll be close I’m sure.


here in the south they dont due basements alot due to the water… or something like that… lol… So no, we arent getting a basement… It is 1700 sqft. nothing difficult about it really. what I mean by they havent poured the concrete is they havent poored the slab to start building on.


Never go with that company then. Never.

I’ve seen houses go up in two weeks flat, I’m talking building it, drywall, paint, counters, bathrooms everything done and the family is moved in by the end of the 3rd week even.


really?? The realestate company dont seem worried… but I am. :frowning: It sucks. :frowning: I keep having nightmares that it isnt ready in time.



Don’t sweat too much. Someone mentioned prefab houses, or parts being prefabed which is true. Slab houses go up fast, especially if everything is panelized (walls trusses, etc) But I would still be anal about the work. I work for a building supply place doing kitchens and I know how long it takes to build different kinds of houses. It all depends on what type of construction: stick frame vs. panels and what not. Seriously ask the realtor and don’t leave till you get answers that you understand.



So get on their asses about it. They’re building YOUR house and you’re paying them to do so. The job SHOULD be done within YOUR time frame to YOUR satisfaction.


I wouldn’t build a house on a slab…it takes 1 day to dig a footing and pour it…then you should wait 7 days to build on it but I seen them do it in a few days…2 months is pushing it…it this a rancher or 2 story?..

week 1 dig and pour footing
week 2 lay block and start first floor
week 3-6 frame and under roof windows in
week 7 plumbing.ruf in electric
week 8-10 drywall hardwoood floor,siding
week 11 trim…kitchen stuff…paint
week 12-14 paint inside out,lawn seeded…side walks,fixtures in
week 15-16 odds and ins and final inspections
just a ruff est.


Vs whats the big hurry ??? i would let the guys do there job and do it right ??? thats nothing to loss sleep over


Not completely finished. I’d be ON them.

There should be some sort of penalty for every day or week they are overdue…to motivate them a little :smiley:


thanks bootsie.

Vfast, we arent building a rance… its just a normal concrete siding house. Nothing fancy about it.

Jan, you know me, I am a worry hawk!!!

Mike and SI, IF they dont have the house started by the beginning of next week, Ill be at that dudes front door!!!