Any high school bball players here?


Just wondering

For those non. or former

Who would you rather have. WADE or LEBRON?

I would like to have wade.


well i’m a senior, i’m a backup qb for the varsity team, skyline eagles. we took 3rd in 5A region and 1st in 5A state

here’s my pic in my away jersey:

and yeah i i’m tired not stoned there

PS nvm you said bball not football well i played ever since i was 9 but quit when i was 15, then i tried wrestling and loved it so much i wrestle during the season instead of basketball


Not basketball but the second best sport :smiley:

5A thats pretty impressive.

I used to dominate the 9th grade B team football



thanks dude i’m getting the GOLD ring btw (decided like yesterday) its gonna be $600 but my dads company fund it :fu its bigger than a fiesta bowl ring :fu

sorry but it’s worth bragging about :smiley: hard work, you know :smiley:


I wrestled and played hockey…dabbled in a lil football too


what did you wrestle in


I played high school ball. My job was to play linebacker…in other words, I was the expendable five hard fouls off the bench. =]

–Much better at football and baseball than he ever was at basketball


Tough question.

But I think I’m going to agree with you and say Dwayne Wade. He was all but unknown coming into the draft and turned out to be better than both King James and Mello.

Personally, I like the players who are great, know they’re great, but are humble about it.


Re: RE: Any high school bball players here?

189 and 215…I was 185lbs and I excelled in the 215 weight class…my speed helped and I was just as strong as any of the other 215lbers…I was ranked like 8th my senior year in the state


oh cool. my cousin wrestled as a senior back in '99 he was 215lbs but he wrestled the heavyweights cause he was fast and by the end of first round those fatasses were just plain tired. so he didn’t try to pin em or anything, just did the double-leg t-downs all the time and he won a lot like that!


I miss it a lot


i’m planning on wrestling in college next year… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I tried out for the all navy team and got beat by the 5th person I had to wrestle off


whats ur favorite move? for takedown my fav is the double-leg takedown: monkey grip the knee with both hands, trip behind with your left leg, head inside the body on the hips, and PUSH :smiley: . for pins i mastered the screwdriver/crossface, nobody has blocked it yet :smiley: . if i’m on the top when in ref’s position, i like the ankle pick: brake the elbow, pull the leg back and go for pin when the opponent goes down. and when i’m on the bottom: GET THE FUCK UP lol i’m not real good on stand-up. well what about you?


it all depended on the person I wrestled…I was always good at getting ankle picks…I would grind my forehead in my oponents temple making forget about their footing because of the pain in their head then I would drop grab an ankle get back up and trip down …I also like to do standing cradles and dropping my oponent on the back of their neck…I was very vicious and had one hell of a crossface…I’ve made people just about give up after a crossface


yeah i’m good at crossfaces too. not good on halfs tho, everyone seems to peel it off if they try it. i don’t usually do the head grinding thing, but i rathed lock their neck so tight they either do stupid things like standing up or putting their ankles close to my body, or just forgetting stuff. so then i usually pull em down, reach for the ankle and BOOM slam the fucker on the mat. ehm, bring him down, yeah, slamming is illegal :smiley: . but it sure hurts :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: .


So i take it there is no basketball playas here|?