Any mods online?

I believe im elgible for VIP now…

So it would appear

I’ll start the process



Yeah a simple thanks would suffice…:smiley:

Nevermind…forgot who iwas talking to:p

Do you want a video of me doing the locomotion or something?

Hey you asked for VIP;)

I don’t give a shit if you get it or not:eek

Yep that sounds like you Evan!

I know…I’m such a mean guy:D

[quote=“BadBoy@TheWheel, post: 1101279”]I know…I’m such a mean guy:D[/quote]You must be practicing so you can be the most popular member of 2010!:24:

I hate to sound rude, but aren’t those who become eligible just supposed to message a mod and say they are ready to begin the process? Then just wait to get a response.

I believe it’s been said multiple times to just message one and it will move forward from there.

Oh i didnt know that.

Ah but you can be quite gentle if you want to :wink:

Looks like status is important for many here

Sweet! :smiley:

Cool lmao