Any one like NASCAR?


Just wondering. I’ve become more interested this year. I signed up for the NexTel cup fantasy racing game.

So who is going to win it this weekend at Darlington? I have to pick my top ten and I’m on the fence with the order.




I love it but you never know who’s going to win. You are guna see 10 cars go out and half a dozen with no front ends. It’s a 500.

Gordon is a good bet. Kurt Busch is fast there too. It’s the first night race at the lady in black. It’s a crazy track man. I have a feeling that Michael Waltrip and Greg Biffle might do well too. Watch for the veterans like Mark MArtin and Rusty Wallace to do well also.

I predict that Kyle Busch will be in the wall before lap 10. :smiley:


I think I’d rather pass a kidney stone than watch nascar


being stuck in the south I had to pick it up a lil bit to adapt to the area


I love NASCAR. Screw Jeff Gordon. Put your money on Jimmy Johnson or Greg Biffle.


definally not into nascar :slight_smile:


I think Lance Armstrong will win. Oh wait, that’s the Tour de France.


Well now I would think any body who likes fast cars would love all kinds of motorsports. I put my money on Jeff Gordon again. then kasey kahne
Jimmy Johnson, Mark Martin, Dale jr. Matt kenseth, Tony Stewart, Elliot Saddler, Greg biffle, Michael Waltrip. In that order.

For those of you who cannot appreciate That kind of racing I would suggest you go to a stock car race sometime. Pick a warm Saturday night prefferably at a local track with straight stock cars running. Its loud and alot of wreckage. My Daddy and I used to run stock cars when I was a kid back in Fla (He raced I watched from the pit area). We also raced Swampbuggys at the track in Naples too.


not into nascar. I used to go to stock car races a lot. Not much any more tho. Nascar is to repititios for me to watch tho. Although i would love to race it, just cant watch it.


I picked 7 out of 10 to be in the top 10. But I didnt get anyone in the rght order. Oh well I think I might go to richmond this weekend to watch. I will post some pics if I can.