Any recomendations?


for you PC gamers out there do any of you recomend a game thats pretty good. not internet site games but games that i could buy at comp. stores.


I want to get the Law and Order game :smiley:


what type of games do you like?

rts: grab a bunch of units you create, and send them into war against other people (can be online)
fps: grab some weapons and shoot the shit outa some people
rpg: grab a character (some you can create your own char) and level it up to fight the final boss
racing: grab a car, and progress though the story/ unlocked track … and unlock the best car…

btw: rts = real time strategy, fps = first person shooter, rpg = role playing genre/game, racing = racing :D… ya may or may not know about these little abbreviations, but if you do, disregard this little block :smiley:


starcraft is old, but still played alot, mostly online is what kept it going…
the command & conquer series… most recently generals


there is halo, but halo is best on the xbox…
um, unreal tournament… basically multiplayer online
counter strink: source… a half-life mod…
half-life… like halo, i guess (i havent played much fps on the computer)
quake… another extremely popluar fps… usually online though

note: most fps are best online…


hmm… most rpgs nowadays are online…


nascar series
some need for speed games

there are other genres, like simulations… simcity 4, flight simluator, the sims 2, etc…

alot to choose from…


Sim City 4. It’s hard to play, but well worth it since you get an entire REGION to interconnect and play with.


Re: RE: any recomendations?

you damn right it is hard to play… :tard


yeah i mostly like games where i can shoot people and things. i love the doom series and wolfenstine and shit like that and i also like things that makes you think. like trivia games. im not real big on sports games. unless i had a controller to play them. i dont like using the key board for games like that. i was looking at the sims game. i dont remember which number. it may of been 2 but it was the one where you raise them from child hood and go through out there life. and yes red i want to get the law and order game and the CSI games


Re: RE: any recomendations?

they make controllers, joysticks, etc for the pc as well… so dont let not having the controller stop ya, there are some out there… bset buy should have some, maybe curcuit city, walmart… etc…


Look there. They have reviews and stuff also.