Anybody else have one of those days?


So today I get up like any normal day and head off to work. Had a great day, lots of conversations and whatnot… talked to my chica, who’s coincidently getting a loan to buy a yellow 02 V6 stang. w00!

Anyway, on the way home from work today, I realized today was NOT a good day to be driving… at all.

I head down Lima road and jump on Nbound I69. A mile up the road the construction ends and it’s down to two lanes (they’re building it to 6 lanes, three each way because traffic is horrible).

Anyway, I’m merging on and am ABOUT to pull over when this car comes up in the right lane out of NOWHERE in my blind spot. I checked 3 times, didn’t see him at all until I heard his engine. (thank God i use my windows instead of AC).

He flies by instead of switching lanes even though he had a clear left lane to do so. I merge and floor it to keep ahead of upcoming traffic.

A mile up the road when it’s back down to two lanes I see trucks merging to the left lane QUICKLY… I think there’s some sort of pull over there, but nothing… and then as I’m quickly gaining on the cars ahead I realize that there is a car doing FORTY FIVE MPH!? I can’t get around this car because of all the traffic in the left lane and I needed to take this upcoming exit anyway… so I wait it out. I merge onto I469 and instantly nail the gas around this person. It’s some old black lady just not giving two shits about anything around her. (note: her color had nothing to do with this, it’s just what she was). Granted, the least you’re legally allowed to do is 45… but comon already… 45 mph on a two lane Interstate in RUSH HOUR traffic?!? Get off the road if you can’t deal with it!

Anyway, later on I go around the first big bend and switch lanes to go around a mini van. I look down for a second to see where my cigarettes are and I look up and back and out of nowhere this fuggin probe is right on my ass, so I speed up a little and get around this other car. Suddenly he floors it, goes around me and then swerves ALL the way right into the offramp. Stupid Buckeyes!

For the love of… he couldn’t have gone in behind me since I was doing 80 already?!? He just HAD to get ahead of me just to swerve over and get off the highway? After that I was pissed, I needed a cig. I rarely get that heated on the road, but that just… irked the living hell out of me. I light one up and continue on my way.

fast forward to 6 pm

I’m leaving my apartment to go to my friends so we can go get fitted for our tuxes. I get onto US14 from Green street and continue on my way. I stop at the light which has a left arrow for the opposite direction. This arrow also is used for the right lane coming off of Broadway to turn right. My light turns green, meaning i have full right of way to go straight. I start to go just as this OTHER old lady in a minivan comes flyin around the corner off Broadway from a red light onto the highway. I tap the brakes to see where she’s going, she gets in the right lane and I’m in the left. This Blazer beside me floors it, gets on her ass and honks at her. I’m like fuck this I’m not getting into a three way pissing match for lane supremacy, and I have a clear lane so I pushed ahead of her in 2nd. I get up to my left turn and get the hell out of there as the blazer turns into my lane and flies by her laying on the horn again.

I dunno what was up with people today, but Damn… four possible accidents all within an hour and a half of each other from four morons.

That’s why I hate this job, I’m not supposed to get off work until 8, but I haven’t stayed past 6 pm at all this week. I’m so glad I’m quitting.


I was headed home from work tonight on my bike. I accelerate up the onramp and as Im coming to the end of the onramp, about to merge onto the expressway, This dude in a newer model Impala comes over FROM THE LEFT LANE into the right lans and forces me over onto the shoulder. When I honk, the asshole just looks at me and never speeds up or slows down to yeild me the right of way. So I slow down enough to get in behind him and start over imediately to the left lane to pass. As soon as he sees me start into the left lane, he jerks over and cuts me off again! THEN… when I get off the expressway, this dude on a Harley with his girlfriend passes and reves his bike like he wants to race. So I aired it out and blew by him like he was standing still. :smiley:


happened a little while ago, like prolly in april or something… but

me = in middle lane of a 3-lane road

this explorer was revving by my car, and im not stupid in heavy traffic to do anything big, but anyways, they continue to do so, and then i get ahead of them, and so they figure out to slow down and get behind me…

so since i wasnt sure what the fuck they were doing, i get into the leftmost lane… which lets them speed up to i guess make a right turn… :dunno but they were beside me and a truck hauling a fifthwheel trailer home thing, and so they speeded up more to get in front of the truck…

well, when they went to do the lane change, they started swerving, and i was like, damn, these people need to learn how to drive…, well, turns out that they made their right turn… right in to some trees on the right side of the road…

ill tell ya whaut, that is a classic example of some dumbasses…

and then they ran from the scene… guess they didnt own the vehicle… and they were hispanic looking…

:dunno :dunno :dunno :dunno :dunno :dunno :dunno


this morning- about 7:30 am, im coming back from the lake to go and get my paycheck then get my car lowered at 9. well on the way up the speed limit is 55 and im going 60ish- not in a hurry. there is a gas station up ahead at the bottom of this hill i am on and it is a 2lane road. there is NOBODY behind me at all. all of a sudden this guy comes pulling out of the station SLOWLY with a chevy truck and some huge trailer behind it. i dont even have time to hit the brakes. (this is the middle of an intersection and an 18-wheeler coming down the oncoming side of the hill.) i luckily floored it and passed the mofo in the chevy on the wrong side of the road, in the intersection, inches from both the truck and 18-wheeler. the fucker probably didnt even look… :fu bad drivers.


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I soooooo hate it when that happens! The road can be clear in front of you and behind you for miles and some DUMBASS will pull out RIGHT in front of you and never accellerate. When all he had to do to begin with is wait about 5 more seconds where they would have the entire road to themselves, could have avoided a possible accident and would have kept you from having to swerve. :dunno That is one thin that throws me straight into road rage mode.


GOD damn you and your long ass posts Si!

i’m just giving up on reading :tard


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[quote=StangMang]GOD damn you and your long ass posts Si!

i’m just giving up on reading :tard[/quote]

Mang= on the lazy friday. :booze

Ya wuss. :smiley:


It’s like reading the fuggin bible


Good, now that I know you guys hate reading while sitting on the internet where all you can do is read, I’m gonna write more.


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Please gawd, nO! :wtf