Anybody got any good ideas?


On how to get rid of a bad headache? I have had this same headache for almost 2 weeks and I rarely ever get headaches. I have tried everything I think. I even took an Ultram that someone gave me and it didnt even touch it. I’ve taken every OTC drug known to man and had shoulder and neck rubs and nothing seems to help. Anybody got any other kind of solutions you can throw out to me? PLEASE? Its about to get the best of me.


sleep and sweat it out. sleep with wool blankets and in a hot place. if you sweat alot in a sleep, you should be fine. i never take any medicine period.


I have different types of headaches.

Random stress headaches - my remedy: when you get home, sit out back, put on some laid back music and relax, I smoke as well.

hunger headaches - the worst. They’ll accumulate through the day until i can’t take it anymore and eat as much as I can. Usually it makes it bearable, but doesn’t make it go away. More food, a few cans of pop (soda) and an aspirin takes care of it.

Not enough caffiene - I just end up drinking about 8 pops (sodas).


30 mg percocet. most amazing feeling in the world, trust me it will be gone


Accu pressure. Pinch the nerve between your thumb and forefingerYou might have allergys also. Wait your in the medical bzz. just break into the control narcotics cabinet and adminster a dose of moriphine. :booze


sex and water…stay hydrated


Tylenol PM, helps the pain and puts you to sleep.


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Nope! I have tried just about every OTC drug and not getting any response from them! And tylenol pm had never really helped me sleep.


Smoke :cool


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But Im here all alone and I dont know how fix that little booger up! And I dont do cigarettes!


the way i usally get rid of physical pain is to think about it. just sit back and relax and think about the pain and it goes away. weird i know. might not work for you but it sure helps me. its best to have complete silence and just contetrate. helps with my hiccups too. i think this is call mind over matter or mind over body. im not really sure. i started out by sticking my hand under hot water and tricking my mind to make it feel cold. kind of like having MILs to trick the ecu to think it has cats. :dunno but it helps. another thing i heard that helps if you put pressure on your head.


I’ve got a pretty bad headache also. Spent the night drinking and boxing last night… It was rough :tard


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But Im here all alone and I dont know how fix that little booger up! And I dont do cigarettes![/quote]

You take a little “bobby brown” and put it in the hole oposite of where your mouth goes. Light it with a lighter whilst you suck on da AN fitting. VOALA!!! Yer high. :cool


Once in a while I get headaches that are hard to deal with, and I always take a hot bubble bath and then have Pete massage my shoulders and neck. Another spot that relieves tension is up at the top of your nose, right between your eyes. Have them apply a little pressure and kinda massage/rub that area. It hurts sometimes, but it really helps if they do it for a little while.

Also, massaging the bit between your thumb and pointer can help as well.