Anybody have a strut tower brace?


Specifically a steeda one? I can get a used one in good condition for $50, do you like it, does it help a lot etc…thanks


alright so none of you have one, or know anything about them??


Don’t look like it.


Dammit, double post.

O well. I’ll chalk that one up to post whore training.



I had a strut tower brace in my Camaro. For the money you’re talking about it’s definately worth it. You can BARELY feel the difference on regular turns. But on harder corning, you can tell it’s there. Does the Saleen come with the SubFrame connectors like the Mach does? If not, then I’d get those too.


HEY BRO!!! I have one thats BRAND NEW pratically. I wanted $70 + shipping and the shipping to Chicago was gonna be like $13 bucks. Tell me if you want it and your zip and I will send it to you after we make a deal.