Anybody here have any tribal tattoos?


I’m not sure if this is the first or one millionth tattoo thread, but I’m looking to get a tattoo. I want something big and tribal like Blade has on his back and shoulders (not on the neck and back of the head though). I think that with my complexion it’ll look really good. How much money do you think I’ll be out of when all this is done??? Anybody here have that much ink on them?


there is a guy here in Va that charges 140 and hour, but his work is out of this world. his place is called I AM TATTOO. i think… depending on the size, color, and detail, will decide how much it will be… i am no number 6 now, saving money to get number 7… if i had a digital camera, i would take pictures…


probably AT LEAST a few hundred, but all depends on time and size


I have 4 tribals


I don’t have any tribal tattoos, but it shouldn’t cost all that much, as long as it isn’t too big and you don’t use color. My tattoo should have been like $250 with all the colors, but it was $100 for both the shooting stars on my hips because my ex got his tat at the same parlor. I got it on vacay in FL last August.


depends on the artist some charge more some don’t charge as much


that’s true. I guess you could go to a not so good shop and get inked cheap- I know a lot of people who did that, but it’s not that safe. It’s best to get it done right and done right the first time.


I didn’t mean it like that…just some artist charge more for color others tribal


Hmmm that’s weird.

Then again, I got both my tats in one sitting, so I don’t know much about different places. It hurt too much to get anymore… so I don’t need to worry about different artists prices. haha.



I’ve gotten my tatts all over the place…europe and usa


That’s really fun!

I’d end up forgetting where I got each one from. haha. Hell, sometimes I forget I have my tat until I take my pants off or am wearing my bikini… since it’s on my hips and all.


yeah I’ve gotten one from turkey, sicily, florida, 2 in chicago, delaware, 2 in jersey, virginia


I currently have 14 tats…Still need to uplaod some pics…I have my lower left arm sleeved with a bio-mechanical woman, above that I have A clown on my upper arm and above that I have a Devil holding a chinese symbol for"together"(fiance has an angel on her with same symbol)…right arm i have a another clown holding an axe behind his back being pulled into the ground by an arm… on my upper arm and also another clown in electric chair on back of arm and on inner bicep another clown with four arms holding a dead rabbit, a bloody knife, Ace of spades card and a dead mouse…on my stomach I have another clown AKA ringmaster…on my back I have my last name in large letters across my shoulders and below that I have yet another evil clown about 10x10inches juggling flames…on my right leg I have barb wire wrapping all the way around from my knee to my ankle about 4 or 5 times…and on my left ankle I have a 4x4inch tribal design…last but not least on my inner lower lip…when i fold my lip down it reads “EVIL” haha…Ill get pics soon…oh yea i forgot I have flames going around each of my elbows…


To answer your question…yea, look at about 100bux per hour…i have alot on my back…about 20 hours worth…my current project is my lower arm sleeve(wrist to elbow…i have 14hours into it and about 10 hours to go…but because Ive been a long time loyal customer, he charged my 1 grand for the whole piece…If I were you I would expect to pay atleast 1K on your back piece…depending how big and thick its going to be. If its goign to fill most of yoru back think more like 2-3 grand.


I have a simple tribal tat going across the back of my neck. I have nautical stars on each side of it that I want to get tribal “tails” added on to it. The best artist at the studio I worked at charged $70/hr., but with just a simple outline and black filler or shading, I’m assuming that could be done in one session, and cost $150+, depending on size, detail, and your pansy factor.


I’m a wimp…I have NO tats.

The idea of letting someone pound a needle into me for an hour just does not sound inticing to me??? :dunno


Make sure to ask if they charge extra for using dirty needles and giving you Hepetitis.
Kidding! Just trying to psych you out buddy.


I think tribals are gay…unless you have origins of Tribal ancestry
like the Maori’s or the Ngapuhi’s. maybe Indians or Aztecs too.
but definitely polynesian. Thats like me…a white/mexican getting
a “black power” tattoo.


Well you are definitely the whitest Messican I know Matt.


Re: RE: Anybody here have any tribal tattoos???

[quote=slo6banger]That’s really fun!

I’d end up forgetting where I got each one from. haha. Hell, sometimes I forget I have my tat until I take my pants off or am wearing my bikini… since it’s on my hips and all.[/quote]