Anyone else as addicted as me?


To watching CSI? I think I have seen every show like a hundred times but it never gets old! :tard


I don’t watch much TV… I’m to busy on eBay!!!


You need ebay anonymous help! Like alcohol anonymous. :tard


Eh im not much into CSI i used to like it but im really bored with it now… I wish wed get back to the goodo le days of kick ass sitcoms like seinfeld

Man i love seinfeld… i swear ive seen every episode, along with the simpsons

But one of my new favorite shows is curb your enthuasim on HBO


i cant stand that show. it is so retarded. They point out such obvious stuff and try to make it seem like it takes a FBI investigator to know what it is…


my TV addictions are sex and the city and law & order… cant get enough


CSI :rock


family guy, simpsons, cops, um… .yeah… free-over-the-shitty-air shows…


its ok. but law and order is way better show. probally my next favorite show next to smallville


Law and Order rocks :rock CSI is ok :dunno



My fav is Las Vegas, then Miami, THEN NY. I actually NEVER watch NY or Miami ones.


can’t say that I am


Re: RE: Anyone else as addicted as me?

[quote=kplays_kitty]CSI RULES!!!

I got the DVD’s, PC game and boardgame!
I even sit and watch the re-runs![/quote]

We would get along just fine! :smiley:


It’s a rarity that I watch TV anymore. I find I have a lack of interest in anything but the History channel.