Anyone else get an email like this?


To the best drivers on earth:

The Ultimate Rally is the world championship of street racing.
7 days, 3000 miles, 200mph and US$ 2 million prize money.

If you are a fast driver with a powerful car & balls of steel
checkout our official website:

The Ultimate Rally is limited to 100 cars and the entry fee
is US$ 30,000. See our terms & conditions and apply here:

Join our official Forums at
and learn more about this next generation Cannonball Run.


Founder of the Ultimate Rally.


only 30k to enter? seems like a scam to me.


yep, just deleted it today… sounds like BS or its for all the top dogs… with that kind of price money, the entry fee would have to be a big chunk


30,000 x 100 = 3,000,000

someone is profiting Hugely on this. wouldnt sponors pay for ad time in this situation and not let the event “runner” take in a 2 million dollar profit?or is it a purse not a winner-take-all?


well its supposidly street racing, doubt any respectably company would want to be involved in something like that


thats like that rally race from NY to CA every year. but it is a summer race. it is checkpoint-to-checkpoint racing, you stop invarious cities but it is a race to get there. its like a 5day 5-stage event.


There was a post about this on MF about a month or so ago. It is legit. My buddy redsMULLT1 was driving back to Arkansas from California last year and got passed by some of the racers. He said they were ALL high end cars like Lamborghinis and Ferraris and so on. I think HRnB had some good info on em and was actually a member of thier message board or something like that.


lol… well, I hope you dont plan on entering joe LOL


Awwww c’mon V. You could always let him spend the house money on the entry fee and then take the 2 mill and build a big ass mansion. :lol


man, that is some pretty big stuff then- the racing, since it is legit. there is no way id fork over 30k dollars to have a “chance” at 1 mil.


If you have that kind of cash just to give over 30 thousand dollars it sounds like you really dont need that one million.


100% agreed on that one




I got that in a PM over at and deleted it. Doesn’t sound as cool as the Gumball 3000 w00t w00t!!! :gears


no but checked out the forum (gay) bunch of rich foriegn fucks talking there cars and how they are so fast bla bla bla
rich people make me sick