Anyone else hate this?

when you just get out of the shower and then have to take a poop?

Chris Ive smelled your shit get your ass back in the shower!!!

yes dammit, im like i just f’n cleaned down there! oh and to top it off theres no towels, to dry off with, and one sheet of singly ply tp left:(

haha I always jump back in the shower…

ive never had that problem, at least not that i can recall. most of the time i gotta pee real bad when im in the shower.

its worse than when you normally take a shit well atleast for me I feel so much more dirtier

I’ve never had that problem either because I would know beforehand that I needed to poop. My shower only lasts 10 minutes usually, so if 10 minutes before I’m done with my shower, I didn’t have to poop, 10 minutes later, I would not have to all-of-a-sudden have to…

Ah, such a refreshing conversation…:smiley:

I usually go before I take a shower but sometimes I just don’t have to and it hits me on my way out

…maybe if I had the runs…

I just hate it when I didn’t have to go all day while I was awake, and as soon as I start to doze off it hits me.

Half asleep pooping sucks.

I love it when you men create whole threads based on taking a dump it kills me

its a serious topic audra

It’s easier to talk about those kinds of things on a forum as opposed to talking about them in person. No embarrassment…:slight_smile:

trust me hes not embarrased

not one bit

Maybe the warm water gets your bowels a movin :dunno

But no, Ive never had that happen to me, that I can recall

everyone that said it hasn’t heppened to it will now happen to them

Lol! If it happens to me tonight, I will personally hunt you down! :wink:

if thats how it works I wont say it then :slight_smile:

don’t threaten me with a good time