Anyone else live in ny? and GLOBAL WARMING!

god im really sick and really really tired of this shitty weather about time its starting to get nice… cant believe weve had SNOW IN APRIL!!! thats crazy. im kinda sick of this global warming stuff kinda makes me mad that not to many big companies are trying to fix the polution probs that we have and to make matters worse its only getting alot worse! i mean someone like a big company should step up to the plate and try to come up witha solution or something cause there the ones that are causing most of it. i just look outside and at the beautiful country side and can bare to watch all that be destroyed just because of some greedy homo’s choice to destroy the world for just a little extra money in his pocket just for him not like it’ll be around much longer when the earth gets destroyed.

             post back with any comments

I don’t quite understand global warming. It’s really a load of BS IMO.

First it’s 70 degrees for a week in mid March - then it dips below freezing and through April 15th it wouldn’t get above the 50s.

Last saturday at this time there was 3" of snow on the ground. Today it got up to and still feels like 72 degrees F out.

Global warming my ass - it wouldn’t dip below the 0F mark in mid February.

I’m just as vehement as you, trust me. I was so happy today when we finally got some nice weather. Its not only the weather thats changing: bird food schedules are thrown off. Its common to hear horrid bird cries in place of their once vibrant singing. Polar Bears are actually going extinct because the ice caps are melting. The melting water will dilute the ocean, eventually causing the oceans to be not salty enough to maintain aquatic populations, which would lead to mass extinction. The list goes on and on.

It just goes to show that through hundreds of years, leaders change very little. If Henry VIII lived and ruled over America, results would have been the same.

Edit: Oh, and James: Global Warming much, much more complicated than that. It doesn’t only mean the general build up of heat in the atmosphere, it means more extreme temperatures. 50 degrees in January, 30 degrees in April. Also, more extreme weather: more droughts in some areas, more floods in others.

thanks yeah ik thats what im talking about… global warming isnt such a simple thing its HUGE! and your right about all the rulers its really a shame… If youve ever seen that documentary on the discovery channel titled"planet Earth" you know and or realize how beautiful the earth is and how much were losing… im not saying im perfect in protecting the enviroment but i do all i can to help out, unlike most oil and gas companies… to give an example… this is really horrible but the oil/gas company bought these cars from the creators of the cars, that could do over 100 miles for every 1 gallon!.. and james yeah that is deffinitly global warming… huge temperature extremes 30 degrees in APRIL!!! no other time in my whole life has it done that… SNOW TOO! you cant honestly tell me that global warming isnt a problem? your deff wrong dude

well it’s finally starting to get nice over here in PA

Planet Earth is a good series, even though it’s not directly on global warming.

NY’s been pretty messed up. But we are trying to fix global warming, just the other weekend I went to the Saratoga Environmental Expo, and this summer I might go display a car that runs on 12V of electricity. It’s all about getting the word out there first before everyone starts getting together to make a difference.

wasn’t it said that global warming isn’t actually caused by man? It’s just nature taking it’s course?

there are some theories like that. some people think its the earth naturally going through cycles of erratic weather, another theory i heard claims all the planets in our solar system are getting warmer weather- not just earth.

But global warming and carbon emissions are the most plausible and are things we can control. Not to mention we’ll be running out of oil eventually anyway.

Personally, next on my list of reasons why we might be getting crappy weather in NY is the pastafarian theory.

:rofl2: I guess that really does prove that you can prove anything you want with stats!