Anyone else realize this

that you have way to much stuff when you actually have to move? Damn I cant believe how much shit I have, my motivation sucks because I have no help and I hate packing ok

yup. moving sucks. i frickin hate it!! it stresses me out

yeah I’m dreading the day thats coming up in a few months when I have to move out of my apartment here because of the stuff that I have…and then I’m going ot have to come back for it all when ever I get settled in the coast guard

yeah moving does suck. I know that we’ll have to do it again soon and when I look around it doesn’t seem that it would take that long to pack and move everything. But looks can be decieving.

When I moved out of my first apartment and into my brothers house, I packed one 50 gallon trash bag full of stuff to give to goodwill and two 50 gallon bags full of trash that I never used, never would use and just took up space to move.

Then when I moved out of my brothers and into my 2nd apartment I packed everything into my closets. lol

I had stuff that was STILL packed when I moved out of my 2nd apartment from when I moved in one year earlier.

Hopefully I won’t have to move again for a really long time, if at all.

thats all you had was 3 50 gallon trash bags? hell I have one for just my shoes :frowning:

I have one pair of work shoes, a few old pairs, a few pairs of ‘dress’ shoes and 2 pairs of sandals.

yeah I know thats pretty sad

i HATE moving… hopefully i’m stuck here for awhile… if not- i’m having a big friggin garage sale and starting over wherever i land!!

Have you even started packing Morgans stuff yet? lol What’s she have, 3-4 closests dedicated to her stuff?

hell no I havent even begun yet with her and she only has 2 hers and the double one in the spare room
ha ha Aaron just said I hope youre taking your million pairs of shoes with you

well lex is moving out, and i get to move all my extra crap up there…

one HELLUVA walkin closet!!!

(with a futon… for my OTz crew!!!)

last time I moved I was living in a single room so I couldnt have mutch stuff. Now I think the only wway to move all my stuff would be to put the weels back under my house and haul it with me(its a trailor).

We’ve moved three times in the past four years (not counting moving in and out of dorm rooms) and I’ll be moving again this summer. I’m a pack rat so my family always makes me get rid of tons of stuff so they don’t have to move it. I’ve been slowly packing for the past several months and I still have a lot more to go.

I throw all my shit away except ma clothes and my lap top when i move. I dont’ own much though.

college student huh?

I dread to think what it’ll be like next time we have to move, I used to live clutter free but the missus has built up so much clutter and she can’t bear to throw things away. Normally I have a car boot sale before I move and raise a bit of cash and get rid of stuff at the same time but I could see that being an imposibility with my wife.:frowning:

:24: car boot.

I have a 3 car car boot! lol

The packing part isnt that bad,its the unpacking part and finding a home for everything to me thats a pain in the rear!

[quote=“TheOriginalJames, post: 319439”]:24: car boot.

I have a 3 car car boot! lol[/quote]

what exactly is a car boot?