Anyone familiar with "Tr1ck One" parts and/or Duga


In the March MM&FF they have Tokico shocks and struts (2 each, non adjustable), Tr1ck One springs (4), Tr1ck One spring insulators, and offset rack bushings for $500… You can add C/C plates for another $100

Not bad… Especially compared to Steeda… Anyone know anything about Tr1ck One or Dugan Racing?



I never heard of Tr1ck One but I’ve heard of Dugan… Dugan used to be pretty awsome back in the 5.0 days but in the last few years they’ve wen’t to crap and have gotten alot of complaints about shipping and poor customer service… thats just heresay though I’ve never ordered from them.


Hmmm… Thanks for the reply MD. What would you think about FRPP springs and non adjustable Tokico shocks? I need new shocks and I’m trying to lower it a little at the same time. I also want to get over to my local drag strip this summer so I want something that will help me hook up…

I’m trying to do this on a budget… :gears