Anyone have Cable internet


If you do whats your take on it. I currently have verizon DSL and lately it seems really slow. Web pages sometimes load really slow. it sometimes says i connect at 100 Mbps :dunno . which doesnt seem right since verizon only advertises the DSL as up to 3.0 Mbps. Another question has anyone upgraded from DSL to cable. And if so what do they think?


I’ve installed DSL numerous times at a customer location. It’s just not as fast as Cable, even though DSL is a dedicated line (since it runs through phone lines) and Cable is spread through nodes with mulitple customers running off a single node. I tested at like 36xx.x kb (3.6xx mb) the other day on cable. Never had those kinds of speeds on DSL.


I HAD cable a short while back. Its stupid fast. I could click on a video file and it would be loaded almost imediately. DL songs in roughly under 2 to 1.5 minutes. Web pages were there as soon as you clicked on it. I had DSL in cali and it doesn’t even compare to cable… now I’m back on dial up… I feel like I jumped off a crotch rocket and got on a moped with a fat girl on the back. :dunno


dial-up sucks
DSL sucks
cable rules all

ive had all 3 and have been the happiest with cable.


I say just be happy that you don’t have dial up. Who cares if the page loads 2 seconds slower on DSL than it would on Cable. I would go for whatever’s cheapest.


I have cabl;e and I don’t ever want to go back to dial up…I dunno about dsl


I have Comcast Cable and they BLOW here. They’re the only internet we can get in the barracks and they know it, so it’s impossible to get them to do anything. Fuckers.


Re: RE: Anyone have Cable internet.

[quote=BodyDroppedNikes]dial-up sucks
DSL sucks
cable rules all

ive had all 3 and have been the happiest with cable.[/quote]


DSL isnt just a couple of seconds slower…its much slower. I’ve had cable, then DSL, then cable, then DSL, and back on my cable again…all over the past 10 years. Cable has always been way faster!! Its the difference between DSL being 100 Mbps, and my cable recently was over 800!!!

CABLE IS THE ONLY WAY TO GO!! Dial-up shouldnt even exist IMO!


it says you are connected at 100mb because thats the speed of your network card, your not actually connected at that speed. It other words, if you were just transfering data through a closed network then you could potentially send recieve at that speed, providing the other person can send that fast.

If you want to test your actually connection, try


i have charter cable and its great


I had it once :smiley:


2005-09-14 22:51:16 EST: 2289 / 354
Your download speed : 2344136 bps, or [size=5]2289 kbps[/size].
A 286.1 KB/sec transfer rate.
Your upload speed : 362839 bps, or 354 kbps.


2005-09-14 22:59:40 EST: 2595 / 225
Your download speed : 2658102 bps, or 2595 kbps.
A 324.4 KB/sec transfer rate.
Your upload speed : 230627 bps, or 225 kbps.


damn you guys this is what i have.

Download Speed: 1478 kbps (184.8 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 369 kbps (46.1 KB/sec transfer rate)


heres mine:

2005-09-14 23:25:44 EST: 3565 / 367
Your download speed : 3651465 bps, or 3565 kbps.
A 445.7 KB/sec transfer rate.
Your upload speed : 376506 bps, or 367 kbps

im on Comcast Cable


2005-09-15 07:14:29 EST: 2938 / 356
Your download speed : 3008740 bps, or 2938 kbps.
A 367.2 KB/sec transfer rate.
Your upload speed : 364737 bps, or 356 kbps.


2005-09-15 07:34:34 EST: 4017 / 476
Your download speed : 4114127 bps, or 4017 kbps.
A 502.2 KB/sec transfer rate.
Your upload speed : 487727 bps, or 476 kbps.


damn… who you playing?

btw thats a nice pony you got there


2005-09-15 21:10:46 EST: 2647 / 904
Your download speed : 2711138 bps, or 2647 kbps.
A 330.9 KB/sec transfer rate.
Your upload speed : 926712 bps, or 904 kbps.

with optimum online (but this was while i was downloading stuff in other programs… :tard )