Anyone into metal detecting


i just started last sat and did very well for my first time , my 9 year old grandson and i went down the beach where he lives and found a 1.5oz solid gold medal and around 5 bucks in chenge , we had so much fun i just orderd a second detector but much better then the first, the new one will be able to pick up very small bits of gold and will go much deeper , if you’ve never tried it and want to some places will rent you one, oh the medal we found was given back to the guy that lost it , turns out it was a gift from his wife that had died not to long ago, but he did give my gradnson $ 20 bucks that was nice , boy that was a nice hunk of gold to 24k to put , well i’m a big beleaver in karma and what goes around comes around so we’ll just wait and see what happens. :wave :wink


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Nice find. That was especially nice of you guys to give it back to that man. Im sure he appreciated it and your grandson got a little something out of it too.


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I got a real nice one that I never use. I use it to find nuts and bolts that I drop and can’t find. I have found an old axe head and lot of junk. Mostly junk. I would like to go out around some old home sites and look for some junk.


beaches are a good place to look for stuff , anywhere people play in sand or grass . i guy found a platnum ring with 5 diamonds last week around here, he was in a park and it was in the grass. :woohoo


Come find Nurses platnum ring it might be in our old yard :dunno


how much these detector thigs cost…?


150 bucks


and up $800. If you get a cheap one, you got one that will pick up things you don’t want to.


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Like Dog Turds :dunno


really the one i got for under $200 works pretty good , went out today and found another $3 bucks in change in to hr was on the beach. :smiley:


You can find them used, but be sure they work and work good. You can really get taking to the cleaner.


i wasen’t born yesterday you’d have to be pretty slick to out fox me , i do my home work. :smiley:


way to go homer


welcome back son. :smiley:


Here in GA, if something has been in the ground for over 100 years, you can not dig it up by law.


stupid laws you have in GA how the hell would you know if it’s been there that long , i would thing their would be more to it then that. Captain


In england, If you find something like 20 old coins or more, you have to give half to the gov’t.


the ass holes would have to catch me first. :smiley:


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Why would you want a woman thats been in the ground for 100 years :dunno


:dunno :wtf