Anyone started yet?


Has anyone started Christmas shopping yet? I said I was gonna start early this year, but, I havent bought a single thing yet. Im such a bad mommy.
I am loving this time of the year!


I usually do all my shopping the day b4


nah. i havent started. i wont start till beginning of December


i wont start period. and no im not a scrooge either


To tell the truth, christmas is one of my least favorite holidays… Ied like it alot better if my family didnt really give big expensive gifts but instead just gave like 1 small token item or something… i dunno im just not all into the materielistic attitude that goes along with it

And to answer your question no i ahvent started yet ill start in december


oddly enough my sis in law asked me what I wanted for Christmas

I said MONEY. yes, money. I’ll go buy what I want.


I am 50/50 on Christmas time. I lik eit because everyone is cheery, but you can’t go to the store to buy a single thing without standing in line for days.

Oh, and I don’t like to do the gift exchange. Someone has to be pretty damn special to me to get a gift. Like my parents and my sis. Deff. my girl if I have one around that time of the year. I don’t like alot of expensive stuff either. I like thoughtful things, little things that brighten your day.

I dunno if its wrong of me but, when someone outside of my little circle buys me a gift… I get kinda mad.


im with Philly…Christmas is my least favorite holiday…i always get depressed around that time…why…idk. nothing bad has ever happened to me around then. idk. im the same way @ my b’day too. thanksgiving though, im fine…oh well.


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I’m the same way guy. This whole season gets me down.


oh god dont remind me. i got so much people to buy for. my best friend wants me to buy her a lap top or get a bunch of people to go in on it and i asked her what are you getting me and she said probally the same thing i get you every year. which is a belt and a wallet. it dont matter tho cause i believe christmas is for giving and spending time with family anyway.

must be great with the members with the kids tho buying gifts for your kids and seeing there faces. i cant wait for that but i got to take redstangs advice and get laid for that to happen i guess. :dunno


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maybe you have a problem recieving gifts. im that way too. i dont know how to react to it when i open something up and i feel very uncomftable durring christmas time and my birthday.


allready done i ahev spent all my money on my daughter but this was xmas and bday wichare 5 days apart and i refuse to them both at once they are seperate events so i will treat as such


I have a very long list to buy for too, so I have already started. Ive got the boys two big presents already. Its in my closet, so they wont find it. :slight_smile: As for joe, i have no freaking clue what to get his ass this year.


I’ll probably start thinking about it right after thanksgiving. One holiday at a time lol


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I dont have a clue either as what to get for Boss. I know he wants a new pair of Oakley sunglasses. But other than that, I havent a clue as to what else he wants.


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I dont have a clue either as what to get for Boss. I know he wants a new pair of Oakley sunglasses. But other than that, I havent a clue as to what else he wants.[/quote]

Get him Nos stickers for the stang!


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I’ve been told I’m a Scrooge before :tard


I’ve been called a Scrooge too… been called a asshole more than a few times as well… coincidence? Maybe… :dunno Prolly not tho! :smiley:


I love Christmas! I love all the Christmas lights and putting up the Christmas tree and baking cookies with my kids for Santa Claus, and of course shopping! :smiley:


I’m sure my veiws will change when I have some little ones of my own… damn… that’ll be the day… :lol