Anyone still think Jeremy Corbyn should be Labour Leader?


[QUOTE=“Derpington steel, post: 2682770, member: 312”]Well, surveys conducted on the public have found that a majority of people would like infrastructure re-nationalised.[/QUOTE]

Surveys conducted on the public have also found that a grand total of 19% of people want to scrap Trident.

Which would reduce Labour to UKIP’s size if an election was fought on just this policy.


no,as much as i like him and is popular with people the man’s a terrorist sympathizer and would put the country at risk.


The country is left wing because most of the people in this country are workers. The only other party who really stands a chance winning in 2020 is the Tory party and they most certainly do not stand for working people with tax cuts for the rich and benefits cuts for the working man as well as everything in between from cuts to the pensioners tv licence scheme to privatisation of the NHS: the junior doctors are proof of that. Cameron has got nothing to lose as he is resigning either way before the next election (he has said so himself) and so with that and the fact that the Liberal Democrats are out of the government he can be as brutal as he wishes over the course of this term. Unfortunately, the right wing media is influencing people (I know, I see members of my family taking articles in the Daily Star and Daily Express as Gospel) and the worst thing is, they dont even know it. Corbyn needs to shout his message of equality and prosperity because the media wont spread this for him. He really has to fight to be heard otherwise labour does not have a hope. If he can do this he WILL be successful.


As an out and out pacifict, voting against any form of conflict ever: a terrorist sympathiser Corbyn is not. When talking about Hamas, Hezbollah and Sinn Fein, Corbyn has always merely wanted a peaceful settlement to disputes and tried to open these discussions using the inviting term ‘friends’, not because he was in any way sympathetic to their use of violence (which would go against his extremely pacifist stance) but in order to move the planet closer to world peace. In a similar way to which my barber says “how are you my friend?” when i sit down in the chair: he may hate me and my hair for any number of reasons but to be polite he calls me friend. Or just as you may pass a fellow student or work colleague in the street that you dont particularly like: as you pass them by you may say “alright mate” before continuing on and thinking to yourself “wow that bloke is an absolute ___________”.

How so? By eliminating possible causes of conflict and war by settling disputes through the art of conversation rather than cold blooded killing?


That would destroy Labour. They’d form a new party.


Corbyn is a good person, but over his head. He isn’t making ground against the Tories like he should. I don’t think people see him becoming PM. He should be replaced by Jarvis, Smith or perhaps Benn.


I truly find it hilarious that you think this country is left wing ideologically.



Labour - 370,000 members (Oct 2015)
SNP - 114,000 members (June 2015)
Green Party - 70,000 members (Aug 2015)

Tories - 150,000 (Dec 2013 - most recent data)
UKIP - 42,000 (Jan 2015)

The maths speaks for itself. Either this suggests that the left is more popular in the uk, but because of the current voting system it’s is not represented, OR the left are more willing to put up a fight against what they know is wrong and will therefore ultimately succeed.

I therefore find it truly hilarious you think that it isn’t ultimately left wing.


Maybe it’s something to do with the fact that membership of the Labour Party costs a grand total of 1 pound while membership of the Conservative Party costs 60 pounds?



Actually, there are different amounts that you can pay to the Labour Party.

Perhaps the Conservatives should make their party more accessible, if you’re complaining about the cost of membership as a reason for Labour having more members.


11,334,576 people voted Conservative at the last election.
3,881,099 people voted UKIP.

That’s 15,215,675 people who voted for parties that specifically style themselves as right-wing.

9,347,304 people voted Labour.
1,454,436 people voted SNP. (To be honest, Scotland is a left-wing country. It’s hard to deny that one.)
1,157,613 voted Green.

That’s 10,959,353 people who voted for parties that specifically style themselves as left-wing. (Whether or not they were left-wing at the time is up for debate too.)

Look, I can do flawed maths on this issue too (there’s a plethora of issues with using this data), although mine is far more likely to be representative of the overall picture than yours, as yours simply indicates partisan affiliation rather than Left-Right opinions within the general public.

[You’ve also got the Liberal Democrats to factor in. But their position of the political spectrum is up for debate, hence why using figures like this (as well as your own) is flawed.]


That isn’t what he’s complaining about. He’s just taking issue with using those figures to suggest that the British electorate is Left-leaning (as far as British politics goes).


I would honestly say he is comperable to a leader like Attlee, not as strong but he sticks to his principles, which can’t be a bad thing.


A large proportion of those UKIP voters are former Labour voters who hate immigration. Like probably most of them.


I agree he’s incompetent but you can hardly say he’s losing votes. He’s won every byelection, Sadiq Khan is London Mayor, Labour still is the largest party in Wales despite over 10 years in power (unheard of in most democracies) and managed to hold onto the majority of councils and even gain votes in the South. Scotland is a special case in my opinion and no leader was going to turn that around in the space of a year.

I’m not Corbyn’s biggest fan but I’m not worried that the party is going to fade into insignificance when he has managed to hold onto Labour’s vote despite what should have been a great year for UKIP. I.E. Britain is in the middle of a referendum on their core issue and they still haven’t really got anywhere.


Attlee was a pragmatist which means is completely unlike Corbyn. Attlee was also extremely efficient and ran an extremely effective government machine. Something I, again, doubt Corbyn can do.


Labour membership costs £1 if you join young labour - there are different price rates as mentioned. The Tory party membership fee being £60 points to exactly the point that I make about the Tory party being open and accessible to only the rich and therefore the more accessible Left Wing parties will eventually prevail.


This is based on the huge assumption that the majority of the British population are right wing or left wing. I don’t think they’re either personally. They vote for who seems best for the country. And although I despise David Cameron, I think it’s more logical to view him as more competent than Miliband. I think we’re an unideological country who vote for perceived competence and ignore a vast amount of what happens in five years.


At 66% turnout, is this really an accurate picture of the views of the general population? Probably not.


I think Jeremy Corbyn is a fantastic leader of the Labour Party. The media has been against Corbyn since his election. BBC with its constant ‘Left wing leader Jeremy Corbyn’ isn’t the worst culprit. The media ran by Party donors is truly turning people against the man, who I may add did BETTER in his first local election than Tony Blair did in HIS first local election, not by much but still a fact is a fact. The even worse culprit are the party itself, being made up of a blairite, Red Tory group which stagnated the party in the first place. Corbyn isn’t a failure, because he is essentially being attacked by the friends of the party in power.