Anyone still think Jeremy Corbyn should be Labour Leader?


Erm…he doesn’t seem like much of a Stalinist to me…are you going to say that that makes me a Stalinist now?


The idea that the 1982 Falklands War was still relevant coming into the 1987 election is delusional. But believe what you wish.

The Republicans in US are at 44%.
UKIP is at 12%, 0.6% lower than 2015 election.
Labour is at 28%, 3% lower than 2015 election.

In 2016 Local elections the Tories lost just 1 council despite two cabinet resignations and infighting over Brexit.

Get real. Divided parties struggle, but Labour struggles more because it is inept and so are their policies according to the general public.

Correct they don’t. The Right-wing vote is ALWAYS underestimated in the UK, as shown by 2015 GE and Brexit at the latest. This means that the miserable Labour vote of 28% is actually overestimated by a few percentage points. Who knows, perhaps Labour isn’t even at 25%.

Never has the left-wing vote been underestimated. In the history of polling.

With Corbyn?

No, they can’t. Labour is talking to itself.

Corbyn has zero hope of bringing back Labour voters that hemorrhaged to Conservatives and UKIP.
Corbyn has close to no hope of bringing back Lib Dem voters.

So who will give him the winning vote? Non-voters or Greens (there aren’t enough of them) ???


IF you want labour to have any chance of defeating the conservatives next election, Corbyn and the trots that support him will have to be purged, as well as feminists. Labour are meant to be the stronghold of the working class, and to look after their needs against the middle and rich classes, not to serve the upper middle class and feminists as we come to know.

If you want labour to be able to defeat the Conservatives come next election, Corbyn must go, he is a liability as are many of the trots and anarchists who support him in the party.




Well, if you look at the polls, labour was ahead consistently until February 1982, After February 1982 (When the Falkland’s war began) Labour began to fall behind, It is commonly agreed that the Falkland’s war was the cause of the Conservative surge in the polls. just read the evidence. PLEASE before you tell me that I’m wrong. Going onto your next point… Labour lost 0 councils and the Tories lost 1…Labour lost 18 seats, the Tories lost 48…Labour has 1326 Councillors compared to the Tories 842. Labour has overall control of 58 councils compared with the conservatives 38. Labour has 1326 Councillors compared to the Tories 842. I don’t understand how this is a failure for Labour and not for the Conservatives. As for your point regarding the Right wing vote…I agree with you, I fully accept that Labour has an electoral mountain to climb, my point was that the Labour party has time to close the gap and take the lead before the next election. I’m not sure Labour can win, but it’d be idiotic to state that it is an impossibility. Labour with Corbyn is more likely to inspire and mobilise people (In my opinion)


We need to bring back Liz Kendall and Andy Burnham for Labour to have any fighting chance.


I’ve seen the opposite. Corbyn has been such a fucking disaster i’ve seen probably my city’s strongest Labour supporter just become completely apathetic to them. And they probably barely held on in a lot of seats. Here some wards were like less than 1% away from a tory win,


I’ll repeat for the third time, with the slim glimmer of a hope that you could possibly understand:

This is about the 1987 election, not the 1983 election, which happened a year after the Falklands War.

Because the Conservatives hold councils in marginals. Marginals like Dartford and Watford that Labour is supposed to win. They lost just one council.

No place in Tory strongholds like the Home Counties actually has ‘councillors’. So these numbers are strongly botched.

Not with Corbyn. That’s impossible.

Yes, the hipsters and feminists who previously did not have a mainstream voice and now do. Why else is Labour’s new ‘stronghold’ in Central London? It’s just upper middle class latte liberals.

The genuine working class has been nicked by UKIP while the Blairite middle class was taken by Lib Dems and Tories.


I’m sorry that I misunderstood you, but you did make the point that The Falklands war had no effect on Conservative electability in your last point. Which is did. Similarly, While I don’t wish to argue with you regarding the Tory strongholds, it still stands that they lost more councillors, AND more councils. (Your point was about Labours losses) Finally, you need to stop the sweeping generalisations, you cant predict what will happen in the next few years, you just appear immature when you say things like “That’s impossible”


What’s more immature

Making a safe assumption based on voting patterns and demographics
Or making a claim based on a wish without providing a proper plan as to how it can happen


It’s just my opinion that, come a general election, when the labour party’s message doesn’t have to pass through the media on order to be received by the people, who can be directly addressed, Labour will see a surge in support. That’s not immature. I called you immature because you’re making sweeping generalisations about who support the main opposition party…I’m from a working class family who mostly support Labour under Jeremy Corbyn.


Labour also need the middle class heartlands as well to win.


Do you live in London?

How will the ordinary voters place the cross next to Labour when they are aware of Labour’s immigration policy in the North?


No labour heartlands are middle class.


He said middle class heartlands.
Not Labour heartlands that are middle class.

Key difference.

There’s lots of deeply middle class areas that are swing constituencies, like my own. There’s also Dartford, Nuneaton, Reading West etc.

Middle class urban constistuencies is what he meant.

Of course Labour has no chance in upper middle class constituencies or rural constituencies, but as well they have no chance of losing the underclass constituencies and urban working class.


They are the face of modern day feminism, until feminism ceases to be a supremacist movement I will continue to refer to it as such,


Apparently according to /pol/ it is shameful to believe that women don’t just belong in the kitchen.


I think you may be stuck in the 1960s. The world has moved on.

Your type of ‘feminism’ is fighting about 0.01% of society by now. Hence why your type of feminism is mocked alongside feminazism.


There is still insurgent groups who believe in this and need to be fought down every time.

In the West, there is still politicians who believe women should be out of the workforce and in the house.

My feminism as well is about how men speak to women and vice versa, not just that.


The pub talk that you hear at 10pm on saturday nights is not healthy either and it is starting to creep its way into politics.