Anyone use irc?


im on it whenever im on my computer for other games and chats, wondering if anyone else uses it, maybe we could get our own chat or maybe even get a server set up


never heard of it.


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Internet relay chat, check it out, real good,

universal chat program, scriptable, many public and private servers…

Been an irc junkie for quite awhile now


I used to use it a LONG time ago… thats what got me started on the internet. I’m talking like 10 years ago. I get on it every now and then if I cant find what I’m looking for somewhere else


If you get a chance, try out TeamSpeak. When I was gaming on-line, we all used TeamSpeak because it used a lot less resources and sounded much better than IRC. It’s free and one of the team member always had the server up and running so we could jump on anytime.


hey tim, long time no see…



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[quote=sourlemon2k5]hey tim, long time no see…


Been busy, sorry guys. But I will try to hop on now and then just to keep up. Between work and my new love, I haven’t had 2 minutes to myself… but I won’t complain, I haven’t been happier in years.

To date:
work = $1.5 million in contracts that I’m finishing up that will make my company $750,000.00
Love life = 21 days so far (sex = 45 times) I always seem so tired :dunno


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Yep im a teamspeak user too, for the game, we have our own clan server runninf on irc, and on ts, and webhosting :booze