Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard


Not even going to read it. Got to love the Onion though.

ehhh too lazy to click…

I liked the ending the best.

do we win?

lol was that a joke?

Well I’m glad I went back and watched it again. Quite funny.

uh i hope that was a joke/ thats redic!
id never buy one of thos piece of craps! a wheeel ? :wtf:
uh i like my ipod and thats as far as ill go with wheels…

i wish i could get video here but the intenet is way too slow

that is stupid. people will waste their money with that shit. they will buy it for the cool factor and then get tired of it a week later

looks kind of interesting, but i’d have to get a “hands on” to see if i’d really like it or not. for now, i think my 80g ipod will do. :smiley:

It looks too fiddly.

it’s gay. That guy spent 45 minutes making an email to his friend, which he could have done in 5 minutes on a regular key board. Looks like the future is getting lazy already.

LOL, you can see just how useful the technology is just in the guys response when he first shows him how to type a letter. “huh”

Erm, you do know the Onion is a joke site, right?

I was just wondering if everyone was just playing along or if no one here has heard of The Onion.

On a side note, I thought the new iPod Shuffle was a joke from The Onion.

:frowning: No I didn’t. I feel silly now, lol.