Apple or Android


Which is better? Android (duh) or Apple (lol)


Entirely depends.

I have a macbook, yet an android phone.

For that reason entirely, I’m likely to have an iPhone as my next phone.

That being said, I do love my android phones, and the Pixel is one sexy motherfucker.



I am a mega fan.

Any new iPhone, iPad, MacBook or Watch that comes out I’m on it like a rat up a drainpipe.


The last Apple product I owned as an iPod touch about 5 years ago, haven’t been bothered since.

I currently have an LG G5 (Android) phone, and I love it to bits. I don’t see myself upgrading my phone anytime soon or buying an Apple computer (as I’ve only recently bought the Dell laptop I’m using rn).

It’s entirely subjective and, tbh, quite a juvenile and arbitrary argument to have.


I like the Apple phone because of it’s easy to use and nice aesthetic looking display. Also the design of it is nice imho.

Also it can survive a year at the bottom of my school bag with god knows what fluids and food submerging it during the school day too.

I can’t comment on the Watch though as I’ve not had it for long but it hasn’t made much of a difference to my day to day life.


Why do you think I brought it up?


Because you are juvenile and capricious?




i have an iPhone just because i dont care about doing anything with my phone

androids are better for power users


Can we use a mobile recorder in apple like on Android?