Are 3D Movies Worth the Extra Cost?


Saw Beowolf in 3D, interesting effect that really did nothing for the movie. And I resent paying a $2.50 U.S. surcharge per ticket for the 3D effect that theaters are charging. At this point in time, if you are willing to spend more, I think the LARGE iMax screen is more impressive. Maybe over time, my opinion will change. Of note, in Beowolf, at least things were not jumping out over my head. :wink:

I saw beowulf also in 3d

yeah it was cool in some places, was it worth paying the extra £1 or whatever it cost fora ticket? Maybe…

Would I have been happy with it in normal "“2-D”… Yes.

I’m just waiting for the day of 3-D porno movies :smiley:

never seen one…

no bullshit…

Thread Resurrection after seeing a blurb on TV about the future of 3D- Movie studios want 3D to be the future. Do you agree? At this point, they do nothing for me.

Monsters vs Aliens was worth in the first ten minutes!

Coraline wasn’t worth it

Monsters vs Aliens was cool in 3D. Worth the $21 per ticket just to watch Soleil ducking in her seat every couple of minutes!

$21? Good grief! That’s practically robbery!

I get that you’re in Aus. but still.